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It Runs Through My Veins Some Famous Alcoholics


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Alcoholism is a problem that affects people from different ages and social backgrounds. Not only does it destroy families, it can slash finances, alienate friends and generally destroy people's lives. In some cases it can even lead to complications in the sufferer that may lead to death. It is a lingering condition in our societies and it just proves that even the best of us can have dark sides.

The following are some people who have admitted to or found out to be alcoholics. They were great men in their respective fields and had they not gotten themselves into alcohol, the sky would have been the limit to what they could be able to accomplish.

Edgar Allan Poe is perhaps the stereotypical drinking writer. He was constantly hounded by his drinking during his lifetime and it was perhaps one of the biggest reasons why he was considered a failure of sorts during his lifetime. He was give to heavy bouts of drinking throughout his life and marriages which denied him a potentially successful military career. He was found unconscious in a Baltimore street in 1849 right before he was taken in to a hospital where he died.

Stephen King is another popular literary figure known for his drinking. He was having problems with his drinking even in his 20s. He was even drunk while delivering his mother's eulogy. The author of classic works of horror such as ‘Pet Sematary’ and ‘It', though has been clean since the late 80s.

Ulysses S. Grant became the 18th president of the United States and took to drinking as an answer to his boredom. It affected him so much that he was relieved of military work in 1854. He drank through the civil War but managed to come out of it a hero. He died shortly after his second term of throat cancer.

Alcohol can really be the spark that ignites a modern day tragedy in anyone's life. These men are admittedly very great and important but could have done so much more had they not taken to drink when they did. And these are but a few of the many who have been in bouts with the bottle.

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