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Alcoholism Statistics - Vital in Finding the Truth About Alcoholism


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The oldest drug known to the human kind is Alcohol. It was started being produced commercially somewhere around in the 1500 B. C. Till that day, there has been no looking back and a lot of people have become addicted to it. Alcoholism statistics survey the tendency of people addicted to alcohol and how it affects the concerned person. Different surveys are done in this area and that is why a number of various statistics related to alcoholism, demonstrates some shocking observations.

Horrible Surveys

The surveys reveal horrible truths about the consumption of alcohol. It has been found that almost 95% of alcoholics die of some kind of disease, destroying around 26 years of their precious lives. Drink reduces one's expectancy, as most of the alcoholics suffer from major diseases like cancer, stroke and other heart diseases. It has been revealed that diseases associated with affect almost 13.8 million Americans. Additionally, 50% of the major trauma cases involve alcoholics. Besides that, 50% of the suicidal cases involve people who are addicted to alcohol.

The other shocking news is that 80% of the high school seniors have tried alcohol. Most of these facts can be put on the shoulders of the media. Statistics say that on an average a youngster has seen almost 100, 000 television engrossing advertisements encouraging him/her towards alcoholism. Most of the sufferers are the youngsters from 18-25. However, that does not mean that the other age groups are safe from this addiction.

Statistics Revealing the Aftermaths of Alcohol

Alcoholism is an addiction and not just a choice and this addiction causes trouble to not only the person concerned but to the entire society. Statistics say that almost 68% of people who visit a trauma center are either alcoholics or drug addicts. It has been found that the brain of a person addicted to alcohol is a changed one as compared to the brain that person had, before this addiction. Drink makes people lose their prized brain cells that cause an alteration. As the alcohol has a depressing affect on the nervous system, the brain counteracts the drinking. This makes the brain ineffective as a short-term effect and changes it in the long run. The experts, as per the statistics, say that an alcoholic needs to be treated as a person who is going to die.

Necessity of Statistics Related To Alcoholism

Such statistics are very essential as they act as eye opener for society. People who think that their children are safe from alcohol get to know the facts about it. Also, the government comes to know about the severe effects of alcoholism so as to find out solutions to save the country from its grips! Similarly, these statistics portray the other side of the coin for those who believe that alcohol addiction is a style statement and they could have fun with it.

Alcoholism statistics reveal a lot about issues associated with alcohol and many people get benefited from this. These stats also give a clear picture of what is going on in society even if it is not visible to the naked eye. These statistics can actually act as reason for an alcoholic to try to get rid of this poison.

Graham Timson has a special interest in alcoholism and has been writing many ‘alcohol abuses’ related articles to graciously aid people to understand the problems and for those who need it, to get help with it.

Find out more about the Alcoholism Disease and get up to speed with the facts about Alcoholism on Teenagers .


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