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Side Effects Of Alcoholism - What Does Alcohol Do For You?


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We all know what alcoholism can do to you physically. It can cause liver failure, brain damage, heart failure and other physical diseases. Do we all know though what the emotional side effects are of alcoholism?

Alcoholism is a craving for alcoholism. What is like living with a craving? Ask yourself if you have ever had an uncontrollable craving for a certain food. Was there ever a time you ever felt that if you didn't get that food you wanted you were going to freak out? That is how an alcoholic feels times ten when it comes to alcohol. If they do not drink, they will start to experience tremors, nauseousness and anxiety. When you are craving food, do you experience any of those symptoms. Chances are you don't.

If you are an alcoholic, chances are the only thought you have through out the day is when you can have your next drink. It consumes your every thought and you might find that you are unable to concentrate on any task. Your work begins to suffer. This is why most alcoholics are fired from their jobs.

Another side effect of alcoholism is that your personal relationships will suffer. As your disease progresses, alcohol begins to take control of your life. You will find that you can not make even the simplest decisions. You will find that you would rather spend your time drinking than spending it with family and friends. Alcohol can also make you more violent then you are normally. Most domestic abuse involves drinking as well as some child abuse cases. Your temper and patience is much shorter than it would be if you were not drinking.

Denial is another side effect that comes alcoholism. Denial is actually a universal symptom of alcohol. Most people are not willing to admit they have a drinking problem and you might find yourself getting angry with family and friends when they voice their concerns about your drinking.

As you continue to drink, you might begin to find yourself alone. There are not many people who can stand by and watch someone they love kill themselves. Many alcoholics commit suicide by drinking themselves to death. Remember Nicholas Cage's character in “Leaving Las Vegas". The whole purpose of his trip to Vegas was to drink himself to death. He was alone and he was depressed although his drinking covered it up.

Depression is another emotion you might experience, and that can cause you to drink even more as time goes on.

Keep in mind the damage you might be doing to your family and loved one. Your drinking affects them. Your children look to you to set examples and what sort of example are you setting for them by losing control over your drinking.

Not all of the side effects from alcohol are physical ones. The physical ones hurt, but the mental ones can hurt even more.

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Alcoholism Alcohol Dependency and Abuse
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