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Impediments to Speech and Their Respective Treatments

Sarfaraz Ali

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The detailed education regarding the impediments to speech and their respective treatments is known as the speech pathology. Other than the speech impediment, disorders of verbal communication, tone and gulping are also included in this category. It is known differently in different countries but is most commonly known as the speech therapy.

In spite of this being a health discipline the individuals who practice this are not known as the medical practitioners or physicians but as a speech pathologist. These therapists are performing their services in the health care centers, the medical centers, universities and personal homes to name a few. Several work privately and see patients at their residences even on weekends. Other than that their appearance in courtrooms and prisons is becoming increasingly familiar.

This impediment may be because of numerous reasons ranging from natural to accidental causes. The natural causes include reasons such as that of swallowing owing to some kind of mental disorder, whereas the other category includes patients who suffer from this malady owing to an accident or as an outcome of a trauma. People of all ages can be affected by it ranging from small children to mature individuals.

The treatment methods vary according to the level of the ailment and may range from simple sign language to the usage of severity of the picture codes. Several tools are used for the evaluation of the speech of the toddlers, youth and the elderly. The involvement of the physical exercises may also be included in the treatment plan. Recurring practice and workout of the respective exercise is required. Other than that the employment of aural and imagery supports is common in addition to the prologue of different approaches that are used for the facilitation of practical communication.

Sarfaraz was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan, surrounded by traffic and technology. He writes mostly about diseases, the storybooks, futuristic columns, mysteries, as he likes to call it. He enjoys writing for web.

He wrote his first book (The Black Bodyguard of Stone-Pyramid) in 2003 and since then has provided the picture for 1 more title. His book was honored as a BEST SELLER.

Sarfaraz currently lives with his wife in Karachi near Seashore, about fifteen miles from the house where he was born.


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