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Stuttering Cure Time to Finally Cure Your Stammer For Good


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As a child growing up, I spent year after year with a stuttering problem. Public speaking and talking with members of the opposite sex had to be the most difficult thing in the world at that time. Since then I have found my own stuttering cure and achieved fluency. Today I help people who stutter by using speech therapy sessions. This article will explain those starting steps to curing your stutter or stammer for good.

I could go on and on about how stuttering affected my life but I have a feeling that your more interested in achieving fluency for yourself. Just understand that once you start using a successful stuttering cure program, that your speech patterns will see a dramatic improvement in as little as five days.

When I first began searching for different treatment methods I was about 15, and must have been stammering for almost 10 years at that point. Even when I started attending speech therapy classes it seemed like my stuttering was just getting worse and worse. I knew that I couldn't go on forever with this problem but I wasn't sure exactly how to find a stuttering cure. I spent many hours in the library and also had many visits to the doctor. It seemed like every where I looked the only thing being recommended was more speech therapy.

Today all it takes is a quick search on one of the major search engines such as Google, MSN or Yahoo for keywords like stuttering cure, stuttering therapy, stuttering treatment, stammering therapy or cure for stammering, and you will find a ton of valuable information on all your potential options. Now I did not have this option available to me in those days, all I could do was take more speech therapy classes.

Before the Internet was around, many speech pathologists didn't even know that a stuttering cure existed. Like me, most stuttering sufferers didn't understand why they would speak perfectly normal to themselves. Either did It make much sense when most stammers can speak perfectly normal when drunk. These days we now understand why that is.

With fully 1% of the general population suffering from stuttering, its time to make the stuttering cure available to everyone. And along with that, speech therapy should be cheap and affordable to anyone who needs it. If you want to start your stuttering cure journey then you will want to learn the following things:

1. Remember to have good posture at all times. Shoulders rolled back, chin up.

2. Push out your stomach and get used to pushing it out when saying letters like b, d, g, k, and v.

3. Breathing in deeply, and breathing out completely can help keep your body aligned. Never hold your breath before speaking as that increases the changes of stuttering.

If you are like most stutterers, then you are most vulnerable when you are under pressure. Speaking on the telephone, public speaking and interviews will be especially difficult until you start mastering the stuttering cure techniques. Stay at it, and before long you will be a fluent speaker once again.

Dr. Campbell is a speech therapist and writer on the subject of the stuttering cure. He runs an informational website with articles, discussions, speech therapy mp3's and tips. For all this and more be sure to check out The Stuttering Cure at .


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