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Articles about or concerning Speech Pathology, Language Therapy, Language Delay, Dyslexia, Lisp, Voice Disorders, Stuttering.
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Getting the Best Nights Sleep

 Graeme Knights (July 16, 2012)  Anyone can suffer a poor night’s sleep once in a while, but some people never experience the bliss that a ‘solid eight hours’ can bring. If you belong in this category, you really need re-examine your sleeping arrangements. Why a good night’s sleep is important Sleep is required for the body and mind to rest and make the necessary running repairs that are .. (Speech Pathology)

How Cerebral Palsy Affects Speech in Kids

 Robinson Ks (October 04, 2011)  Children that suffer from cerebral palsy usually have communication and speech problems. Because this condition is typically caused by damage to the brain, the function of the speech is most times damaged too. Additional problems in speech can also emanate from the inability to communicate or motion utilising the arms or hands. Because cerebral palsy (also known as CP) is incurable, it . (Speech Pathology)

Do We Really Need Sleep?

 Lynnette Thomas (December 09, 2010)  Human beings spend a third of life asleep from birth, yet scientists, after decades of research, have not been able to come up with the specific reason why humans require sleep. It is however, known that after 15-17 hours the body becomes tired and needs approximately 7 – 9 hours sleep. However, the prime theory is that the brain insists on sleep and that consolidation of the .. (Speech Pathology)

Getting a Job as a Speech Language Pathologist Nurse

 Scott Miscall (April 05, 2010)  Those people in the field of speech rehabilitation can usually find find employment in a number of different settings. This is because Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) are often in need in rehabilitation centers, schools, private practice, and medical clinics. It has been projected that this is a career that will grow over the next few years as SLPs work with people on everything .. (Speech Pathology)

Stuttering Cure Time to Finally Cure Your Stammer For Good

 Tommy Campbell (July 24, 2008)  As a child growing up, I spent year after year with a stuttering problem. Public speaking and talking with members of the opposite sex had to be the most difficult thing in the world at that time. Since then I have found my own stuttering cure and achieved fluency. Today I help people who stutter by using speech therapy sessions. This article will explain those starting steps to curing .. (Speech Pathology)

Impediments to Speech and Their Respective Treatments

 Sarfaraz Ali (July 18, 2008)  The detailed education regarding the impediments to speech and their respective treatments is known as the speech pathology. Other than the speech impediment, disorders of verbal communication, tone and gulping are also included in this category. It is known differently in different countries but is most commonly known as the speech therapy. In spite of this being a health discipline .. (Speech Pathology)

Stuttering Advice For Teachers

 Stewie Stimpson (July 07, 2008)  If you're looking for stuttering advice for teachers, I congratulate you. It's very noble of you to be that interested in your student's well being, and I'm sure that he or she really appreciates it. Here are some things you can do to ensure that the stutterer in your classroom gets the most out of your class: Don't tell your student to “slow down" or “relax" - that just .. (Speech Pathology)

Tips on How to Stop Stuttering

 Stewie Stimpson (July 06, 2008)  If you're interested in how to stop stuttering, you're not the only one. There are a lot of people who are plagued with stuttering and would give anything to learn how to stop. As a matter of fact, over 3 million Americans alone stutter. Three to four times as many males as females stutter, and approximately 5% of all children go through a time in their lives where they stutter for 6 .. (Speech Pathology)

A Definition of Speech Therapy

 Chris Tyrrel (June 22, 2008)  The term Speech therapy is an abbreviation for the longer term Speech and Language Therapy as practiced by a Speech and Language Therapist. A speech and Language therapist working with Young People would need to understand; Play and imagination skills Listening and concentration skills Expression of language concepts - correct use of concepts such as big, little on, under Language .. (Speech Pathology)

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