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Breathe Easy When You Care For Your CPAP Mask


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Learn how to properly clean your CPAP machine mask to avoid creating unwanted problems as an important step of therapy for sleep apnea. CPAP machines are the standard treatment for sleep apnea today.

When getting a diagnosis and treatment-often people end up in information overwhelm. When sent off to make your purchase at a private company, it can be difficult to completely retain all of the important information. The following instructions will help your experience of using your CPAP machine mask to be safe and healthy.

1) Make Sure Your Machine Is Turned Off

There are lots of types of masks to use with CPAP machines. Masks deliver air through nose and mouth.

2) Detach Mask And Any Headgear From the Tubing

If pieces are easily reattached, simply remove them. Remove any other tubing from their connectors and remove the humidifier from the machine, if there is one.

3) With A Soft, Soapy-Wet Cloth, Wipe Down The Mask and All Parts.

Or, fill a sink or bowl with warm soapy water (a mild, antibacterial soap is best) and soak all parts for about thirty minutes. Make sure soap and warm water go through the tubing. Use a soft dry cloth or lay them out to dry on a towel.

If, after a while your mask begins to smell funny, it is a sign you need to get a new one.

4) Clean your Equipment Every Day

This is because there is a high risk of bacteria growing inside tubes and humidifier parts. Good hygiene helps support the body to stay healthy. The humidifier can be taken apart weekly.

5) Use Distilled Water To Avoid Mineral Build Up Or Other Problems

Water often has minerals that deposit onto surfaces. Iron, calcium and other difficult to remove particles can build up.

6) Determine If you Need To Rinse Or Replace Any Filters

Review your manufacturer's instructions for the varying details.

7) Reassemble All The Parts

Once the tubing is reconnected to the machine and/or humidifier, and the mask and headgear are back in place, turn on the machine to listen for air leaks from any of the connections.

Tips To Remember:

  • If your symptoms return, have your unit checked out
  • If you get sick, notice how well you are cleaning your equipment
  • Always follow the instructions in your manual
  • Follow the advice of your medical experts and equipment providers
  • Never use solvents, perfumes or harsh chemicals of any kind they can damage parts or cause irritation of your lungs
  • Do not place equipment or parts into dishwashers or washing machines

Common CPAP Machine Mask Issues:

It's relatively common for minor pressure marks to develop on your face when you wear a CPAP mask on a daily basis. If these marks become excessive, you might have a poorly-fitting mask. In this case, try a different size- or even a new mask.

Some find it helpful to change between different types of masks from one night to the next. This can vary the different contact pressure points. Sometimes skin becomes irritated from mask use, and a skin barrier like a cream may be useful.

Staying healthy demonstrates a commitment to life and happiness. Keeping the cpap machine mask we live with clean and in good working condition helps to prolong the life of the things we need most. There are other sleep apnea supports available such as specially designed pillows along with other medical equipment. It is important to support the ease and relief of such a chronic and sleep-disturbing condition in order to maintain health and balance in life.


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