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Getting Your Best Beauty Sleep

Cade Lennox

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People are always talking about ‘getting your beauty sleep’. Even though this is often said in a somewhat sarcastic offhand manner, it is interesting to look into the correlation between beauty and adequate sleep.

Getting a good night’s basically entails obtaining those seven and a half to nine hours nightly that compliments the body’s natural sleeping pattern. Getting the right amount of quality sleep can really make a difference, and you can find out for yourself if any of these reasons are enough to motivate you to get your own beauty sleep tonight.

First off there are physiological benefits from getting enough sleep. If you get enough sleep your body will function the way that it is designed to and if you stop and take notice of how you feel during the day you will undeniably notice the differences.

There are also two hormones that control when the body needs to eat and when the body is full. These hormones, leptin and ghrelin, become out of balance during chronic sleep deprivation and can lead to overeating and weight gain.

Weight control is not the only beauty benefit that sleep can offer you. Have you ever had bloodshot eyes during a late evening?

Having a good emotional health is another way to feel and actually be more beautiful. People around you will actually enjoy your presence and remember your face if you are able to smile and be positive throughout the day.

Sleep deprivation often leads to irritability and a short temper. If you can get enough sleep you will be more able to be positive throughout the day.

The mental drowsiness that accompanies sleep deprivation can also rob your of some beauty points. If you are in the habit of sleeping in to try to compensate late nights you might be cheating yourself of some important primping time.

For example, men, you could get a nice careful shave without cutting yourself and then take the time to get a shirt ironed before you head out the door. Ladies, you could have time to do more than head to your morning classes in sweats and a hair scrunchy.

Taking the time to make yourself presentable will also give you more self-confident which, according to the general population of the opposite sex, will make you a whole lot more attractive. Get to bed earlier tonight and you will wake up on your latex mattress more beautiful tomorrow.

Cade Lennox is a health and fitness expert. He has written hundreds of articles about a variety of topics, including diet, exercise, sleep, and the best latex mattress .

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