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The Physical Effects of Sleep Deprivation, and How to Reverse Them


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When you are suffering from a lack of sleep, you have a number of problems, and many of them coincide with the physical effects of sleep deprivation.

When you are suffering from insomnia, the physical effects of sleep deprivation include exhaustion, fatigue and a general lack of energy. These might seem somewhat obvious, but it then translates into even bigger problems, such as emotional instability, mood swings, stress, pessimism, and anger. Recent studies have shown that those who are too tired to drive have the same characteristics as those who have a high blood alcohol level, and another study found that those who feel like they are going to fall asleep are actually worse drivers than those who get behind the wheel when they are drunk. These effects include slow mental capacity, being tired at intermittent times, cramps on your muscles, and an inability to focus or concentrate on tasks. Among the physical effects of sleep deprivation that are the worst is the inability for the body to metabolize glucose. This results in physical effects that are similar to aging and diabetes in its early stages. Being sleep deprived on a regular basis can decrease the stretchiness of your skin, which can lead to wrinkles. Your skin's pigment can also change if you don't get enough sleep. In addition, your eyesight can suffer, and you can get those dark circles under your eyes. Some people who have not gotten enough rest even suffer from color blindness.

There are also some extreme physical effects of sleep deprivation. Rats that were not allowed to sleep for long periods of time died after two to three weeks. People who haven't gotten the proper rest have also been known to suffer from clinical depression or possibly even a mental breakdown.

It is natural for older people to now get as much sleep as they age. Problems with sleeping are not nearly as common with younger people, but if they are suffering from a lack of sleep, the signs are much easier to spot. This includes stumbling, slurred speech and delayed reactions, similar to when a person is drunk.

To counter the physical effects of sleep deprivation, you should look for natural ways to get more sleep. Sleeping pills are not really a good idea, because of some of the side effects such as nausea and vomiting, and extreme sleepwalking, just to name a few. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do without using drugs to get the rest you need and deserve.

You can heal the physical effects of sleep deprivation. Get more sleep tonight! Read the book Stop Insomnia here for natural insomnia cures


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