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Why Women Suffer From Insomnia More Than Men

Sherry L Harris

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On average, studies have shown that women are roughly twice as likely to have problems with sleeping, more so than men. It is important that, since we do suffer from insomnia so much, we must pay steady attention to our bodies in order to solve the problem right when it happens. We should not have to lie there in bed for one more sleepless night, wondering how or when we will finally drift off into a deep slumber.

One of the main reasons that women have more trouble sleeping than men is, unfortunately, due to the biological makeup of our bodies. As much as we try to fight it sometimes, we are full of hormones, which can often be a good thing, but sometimes can become an obstacle. There are a few different instances when our hormones can actually affect our sleeping patterns.

We may often experience secondary insomnia that results from all of the symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome. This is a painful time that produces much discomfort, and we often find ourselves tossing and turning to try to somehow get comfortable. Another time when this becomes an issue is for perimenopausal women. During the time right before the ‘change of life', symptoms such as extreme sweating and bouts of hot flashes can certainly make for a rough night. As a result, women may have sleepless nights for weeks at a time.

Pregnant women also are likely to have trouble sleeping. From the pain and discomfort of a bigger belly, to a wide variety of emotional and physical changes, a woman with child has a high chance of experiencing sleeping problems.

But sometimes, insomnia is far more serious for women. Research has proven that women are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety than men. Extreme emotional issues will always keep you tossing and turning every night until you seek treatment for the main issue. Once those problems are in check, it will be much easier to overcome those bouts of insomnia and have a peaceful rest on a regular basis.

Sometimes, though, women do not sleep as much as men simply for social reasons. While we should not simply be written off as ‘worriers', women definitely harbor much more stress, and our minds tend to roam in what seems like a million different directions at night. Though men certainly might care about these things, women think about the kids, the house, the groceries and the overall picture. With so many different things to consider, many women let these issues interfere with their sleeping patterns.

Furthermore, certain major life changes may have the tendency to impact us more, causing us to feel unsettled, and thus not ready to settle in to a good night of rest. Going through a divorce or starting a new job are just two of the many reasons why we will be up for hours.

Ladies, it is time to take back the night, and help ourselves to overcome our sleeping troubles. We all deserve a great night of rest, to have us looking our best, and ready to face the day ahead.

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