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How to Get Pure Sleep Every Night

Sherry L Harris

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Many people suffer from sleep disturbances. In fact, as few as a quarter of Americans get the needed amount of rest on weeknights. Getting pure sleep for most people is simply a matter of practicing good habits and addressing some important issues.


1. Use your bed just for sleeping and intimacy with your loved one. Do not read, play video games, or watch TV in the bed. The more waking activities you associate with the bed, the more wide awake you will be when you lie down on it every night. You will have much better luck getting pure sleep if you limit the use of your bed.

2. Make sure you are comfortable. Your room should be a little cool to help you sleep better. You also need to avoid tight-fitting nightwear if you want to get pure sleep. The room you are sleeping in needs to be totally dark. Otherwise, it will upset your wake/sleep cycle so that you do not get the pure sleep you want.

3. Watch your diet. It is a common misconception that alcohol will help you get pure sleep every time. The truth is that alcohol may help you go to sleep, but it makes the overall quality of your sleep worse. If you are having trouble with sleep, don't use any caffeine, including caffeinated sodas, teas, and energy drinks. Too much sugar may make an adult sleepy, but the effect wears off in a few hours and the rest of the night is spent tossing and turning.

4. Do not let yourself worry. Pure sleep can only come when you are relaxed. Set your clock in a location where you cannot see it as you lie in bed. Watching the clock can keep you awake. Thinking about the problems of the day can keep you awake.

You can train yourself to forget your problems and get pure sleep for the night if you remind yourself that there is nothing you can do during the night. Promise yourself you will work on the problems in the morning, and then say Stop to the unwanted thoughts that crop up during the night.

Sleep Issues

1. Do not ignore heavy snoring. It can be a sign of a serious condition like sleep apnea. Go to your doctor if you snore so much that it wakes you up. If others notice that you stop breathing during the night, then it is imperative that you see your doctor about a sleep study. Getting the right treatment will get you back on the road to pure sleep.

2. Do not put up with persistent insomnia. If you do all these things and still cannot get pure sleep, you may have a medical condition that needs attention. Ask your doctor. You may not be sent for a sleep study, since your problem is that you do not sleep much. However, the doctor will likely have suggestions and treatments you can try.

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Sleep, Dreams, and How to Get the Most Out of Every Night
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