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How to Know If You Are Talking in Your Sleep

Sherry L Harris

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Sleep talking can be just what the name implies - you speak in your sleep. Other times, you make meaningless noises or shout instead as a part of sleep talking. If you have been talking in your sleep, it may be difficult to find out. However, there are some clues that might point to the problem.

1. You have sleep terrors or behavior sleep disorder. These conditions are much easier to recognize by the sleeper. Because they often leave you with a disturbing feeling of fear and discomfort, you will probably know you have had them. If you have been talking during your sleep at these times, it is likely that you have been shouting or screaming. Your throat may be very sore when you wake up.

2. You have been sleepwalking. Just because you sleepwalk, it does not mean you have been talking in your sleep. Yet many people do both at the same time. You may realize that you have been sleepwalking if you wake up standing somewhere in your home and do not know how you got there. When you sleepwalk, it is only a clue that you might have been talking in your sleep, and not proof.

3. You are not an adult. Some studies have shown that as many as 50% of children do sleep talking. If you are an adult, you will be less likely to. The rate for adults is more like 5%. That does not mean that it is not possible, on the other hand.

4. You suffer from a mental health disorder or substance abuse. These are two causes of sleep talking that many people do not realize. If you have either of these problems, you might be talking in your sleep quite frequently.

5. A bed partner tells you that you have been talking in your sleep. This is the only way you can tell for sure that you have been talking in your sleep. Hopefully, you will not disturb this person so much that they cannot get a good night's sleep.

Talking in your sleep is generally not a big problem. The worst thing that usually happens is that you may prevent yourself or others from getting good, uninterrupted sleep. If talking in your sleep becomes a problem, you can sometimes gain from consulting a doctor and going to a sleep clinic.

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