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Stop Snoring Mouthpiece


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A very strong case can be made for the statement that snoring is an epidemic worldwide. For example, according to the National Sleep Foundation, two-thirds (67%) of partnered adults say their partner snores, while 6 out of 10 of all adults (59%) say they snore. We'll return to this statistic shortly as it is emphatic proof of the observation that so many snorers are in denial. It may be that they are not admitting to the problem because the cure, in so many cases, has been worse than the disorder. However, things may have changed with the arrival of a stop snoring mouthpiece.

Our propensity for snoring, it turns out, also increases as we age. When men are 50 years old the majority snore. As they continue to age, snoring becomes more and more likely. However, this sleep related disorder is not restricted to men. While the Male:Female ratio = 2:1, the gap closes after menopause according to the Vancouver Sleep and Breathing Center. When one considers that the overwhelming majority of the bedrooms occupied by baby-boomer couples has at least one and in many cases two snorers, it becomes obvious that there is not an abundance of quality sleep going on. Again, this points to the immediacy of finding a solution such as a stop snoring mouthpiece.

Snoring is a vibration of soft tissues in he throat that occurs as a result of partial obstruction (a closing down) of the air passages. It is usually due to the soft tissues of the palate, uvula, tongue and tonsils relaxing during sleep. Even though snorers often deny that it bothers them, they are not facing the facts. Snoring has a profoundly negative effect on sleep. When we sleep normally, the brain and the body go through very specific biological programs that are reminiscent of computer programming. The brain slows down in very specific and scientifically observable patterns. During these various patterns or stages of sleep, specific types of psychological and physiological rejuvenation and repair occur. As we get deeper and deeper into sleep, hormones are generated in order to direct the body to perform in certain ways.

Unfortunately, when snoring begins, it arouses the brain of everyone who can hear it, including the snorer. The net effect of all of this is that snorers spend too much time in light sleep stages and not enough time in deep sleep. Snorers are overwhelmingly subject to daytime fatigue, lack of energy, low *** drive, irritability and weight gain. Snorers need a solution.

When we fall asleep, the soft tissues in the back of the throat relax and collapse into the airway. This reduces the opening of the airway. A good analogy is that of thinking about breathing through a tube (large straw). Envision someone pinching the tube a little bit. You can still breathe through the tube but you have to suck in and blow out a lot harder. This would mean that the pressure of the air entering and exiting the end of the tube would be much greater than when it wasn't being pinched.

Getting back to snoring, with a restricted airway opening, the pressurized breath stream sets the soft palate and uvula into vibration and the sound of snoring is born. Back to the beginning. . . we'd like to know how to stop snoring.

Increasing scientific evidence shows that the oral appliance that can be called a stop snoring mouthpiece is of great use. The stop snoring mouthpiece is fit to the upper and lower teeth and adjusts the lower jaw (mandible) to sit in a forward position during sleep. When the lower jaw is pulled forward even the tiniest amount, it acts to open up the airway and with the airway more open, snoring is either significantly reduced or eliminated entirely. A stop snoring mouthpiece might be well worth considering for the chronic snorer.

Dr. David Sparks is a sleep expert with over 20 years of experience helping sleep clinics, hospitals and sleep technology manufacturers. For more articles on How to Stop Snoring such as Snoring Mouthpiece , please visit .


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