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Getting a Good Nights Rest


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Feeling tired, worn down, and grumpy? First, you need to ask yourself, “Am I getting enough sleep?" A majority of the population is suffering from sleep deprivation and they don't even know it! It is recommended that the average adult get at least seven hours of sleep per night. Most people are lucky to get in four or five hours! If this sounds like you, keep reading!

Sleep affects our bodies in significant ways. A good night's rest can help us feel better, as well as get more accomplished through out our work days. In order to get your recommended dose of sleep, you have to get your body into a regular night time routine. Set a scheduled bed time for yourself, otherwise, you will continue to put off going to bed at a decent hour. This may be hard at first but once your body gets the hang of this schedule, falling asleep at an early hour should be no problem!

One of the essentials to a good night's is a quiet and cozy bedroom. Turn off your television and try to block out anything that could disturb you. Also, during the night your body temperature drops, so feeling cold could potentially cause you to wake up. To prevent this, make sure you are well covered and if you need to, cut off your ceiling fan before going to bed.

To ensure you get a night of restful sleep, try not to eat or drink right before going to bed. Especially try avoiding any late night snacks or drinks with caffeine in them. Drinking a glass of soda or munching on a candy bar before hitting the sheets is not a good idea! Also avoid any active or strenuous activities prior to bed time. It is important that your mind and body both be relaxed in order to get the most rest possible!

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A Good Nights Sleep-The Critical Importance of the Right Pillow for You
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