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Why Cant I Sleep? The Cause Insomnia

Sherry L Harris

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Insomnia is a sleep disorder which affects many people. This article will look at some of the causes of insomnia so that you can better understand if this is something which you suffer.

When talking about insomnia, there are usually a few different causes which trigger it. Each of these events can lead to insomnia by itself, but it is often thought that there are several events which work together.

The most common cause of insomnia is usually psychological. This can take many forms. If you have problems with anxiety or stress, this can lead to insomnia. Considering most of us lead fast-paced lives, it can be very easy to have either of these. If there are events occurring within your life in which you do not feel in control, this can lead you quickly to becoming stressed or anxious.

If you are not happy with life, depression can set in as well if don't do something about your situation. Depression can also lead to insomnia as well. Not getting enough sleep can lead to a vicious cycle with many of these same psychological disorders.

The next cause of insomnia is often physical. For instance, this could involve women who are experiencing hormonal changes. Certain medical conditions such as high blood pressure or asthma can lead to insomnia too.

If you have sudden drastic changes in your life, this can lead to restlessness. You want to avoid using too much caffeine or alcohol. This can disrupt your sleep schedule. Working a different schedule such as second or third shift when you normally work first shift can cause you to wake up when you should be sleep and vice versa.

If you have other temporary changes such as being in a new city or perhaps traveled through many time zones, you may experience insomnia for a couple of days while your body re-adjusts.

As you can see, these are different causes for insomnia. When you look at each of these issues, it is apparent that they are intertwined together. You may struggle from a couple of different causes which appear on this list.

If you find that you are struggling with sleep and can see actions within your life which promote some of the different causes of insomnia, you have done yourself a good thing. If you can eliminate the actions which promote these causes, you will stand a much better chance of sleep. Without proper sleep, you are not experiencing life to its full potential because you are sleepy and tired. Don't let that be your lot in life.

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