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Interesting New Sleep Facts


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Sleeping is so common and something that we do so often, most of us no longer give it a second thought. Even though we may spend a third or more of our life asleep, we may not be concerned about the details. However, the world of sleep can be quite fascinating. If we learn more about it, we can use that knowledge to our advantage. Let's take a look at some interesting new sleep facts and see what we can learn.

It has always been said that most people need eight hours of sleep every night. Most people believe that our physical nature requires at least that much to function. However, some recent research has suggested that some people are more energetic with less sleep. The “eight hours" maxim is so deeply ingrained in common knowledge that the idea of sleeping less is startling. But there are new claims that five or six hours may yield better health and increased concentration. In fact, some of society's busiest people (like CEOs and entrepreneurs) seem to remain fresh and up to the challenge with only four hours of sleep nightly.

Is it possible that changes in technology and global business patterns have started to change our biological needs? Are those who thrive on less sleep better equipped to succeed in a rapidly changing world?

Compare this to oversleeping. Have you ever slept so long that you felt more tired than usual? Supposedly, if more sleep is better, than a lot more sleep would be a lot better. However, it doesn't seem to work that way at all. Fatigues seems to increase without work. An excess of sleep seems to result in feeling exhausted or maybe even lazy.

On the other hand, if less sleep is better, where does it end? Theoretically, if sleeping less results in more productivity, than no sleep at all would be best of all. And that is clearly not the case. Where do you draw the line? For what hour do you set the alarm?

In an era of labor-saving devices, how did we end up working so much more? Part of the blame can go to globalization of the economy. Business never sleeps. Someone, somewhere is always awake conducting their economic affairs. In today's interconnected world, their activity will affect your bottom line. So it seems to end up that your work requires more and more of your attention.

But sleep facts cannot be ignored. It is impossible at this point to exist without some amount of sleep. It may not be eight hours for you, but it will be some amount more than zero. It may even be more than eight hours. If you ignore your personal sleep requirement, you will eventually pay for it in decreased performance. Don't let your work schedule dictate your sleeping patterns. Instead, determine your optimum amount of sleep, then adjust your work schedule to match. Your increased ability to perform will outweigh any time lost.

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