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Three Important Sleep Facts You Might Not Know


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Would you agree that sleep is a necessary part of your life? It's true. Some people view sleep as an essential period of rest and restoration, while those half-empty types probably see it as an unavoidable break in the action. But regardless of how you think about your nightly sleep, it's more precious to your body than pure water. So you had better believe that scientists and researchers have been busy studying sleep to find out all they can about it. You might be surprised at some of the remarkable sleep facts they've uncovered.

One piece of information they have discovered is that we sleep better at certain temperatures. If your room is too hot or too cold, you will most likely have trouble sleeping. Even more intriguing is the finding that as we get older, our sleep temperature zone gets narrower. This seems to line up well with the fact that seniors have more trouble sleeping well. This tight relationship between temperature and sleep quality highlights the importance of keeping our bedroom within the optimal temperature range.

A lot of sleep research focuses on what happens when we don't get enough sleep. When you have a serious sleep deficit, you begin suffering from the effects of sleep deprivation. You perform less efficiently, you can't focus your thoughts, and you're highly prone to mistakes and accidents. Once you've been awake for more than seventeen hours at a stretch, you might as well be drunk. Remember this happy fact the next time you visit with a surgical intern on a 48-hour rotation.

Have you ever heard a woman say “I need my beauty sleep"? Turns out there's some truth to this. Studies have consistently found that women need more sleep than men-up to an hour more every night. You can being to see how different sleep needs could be a point of argument between couples.

Here's the point of this quick review of the research. The more sleep facts you know, the better you can adjust your lifestyle to get the optimal amount of sleep. You'll be able to make the right choices about how much sleep you really need, how to make sure your bedroom helps you go to sleep and stay asleep, and what to do if you need a little extra help sleeping.

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