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Natural Remedies and Practices to Help You Fall Asleep


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Are you having sleep problems? If you're looking for natural treatments to relieve your condition, then you're on the right track. The consequences to long-term sedative use can be severe and may just trigger neurological or behavioral side-effects. Incidentally, there are ways to beat sleeplessness, where the body's routine ability to wind down at night can be naturally stimulated to promote healthy sleep patterns. The article will cite sleep-inducing routines that you can make a habit of and a few time-tested herbal remedies administered in alternative practice, including standardized herbal supplements now prescribed as sleep tonics.

Sleep Hygiene

If winding down at night is a persistent problem, imbibing these habits may help you wind down and sleep well at night.

  • Avoid siestas or mid-afternoon naps as this could disrupt sleep patterns.
  • Avoid snacking on high protein foods or beverages a few hours before sleep since these treats could induce wakefulness.
  • Regular exercise will help you fall asleep and likewise resolve sleep problems. Nonetheless, exercising prior to bedtime tends to over stimulate the body instead of enticing it to slow down and go into deep slumber.
  • Dally in a dimly-lit surrounding a few hours before bed time. Experts say that this practice stimulates sundown which consequently induces the release of vital sleep hormones in response to lighting conditions.
  • If sleep doesn't come about 15 to 20 minutes after you hit the sack, get up and do light activities such as reading a book; watching TV is not recommended though.
  • Conform to regular sleeping hours of at least 6 hours a day and endeavor yourself to wake up on a particular hour each day.

Alternative Practices

If you're such an insomniac and have impaired sleep routines, you need not worry. There are herbal remedies and homeopathic treatments you can sample and later integrate with the diet to ease night time restlessness and regulate sleep patterns eventually.

Infusions of the Chamomile leaf and buds were used traditionally to promote sleep. Today, the mildly sedating compounds of the herb are available in tea bags that you can easily seep in a cup of hot water and take before bed time or anytime during the day.

The remedy produced from coffee beans called Coffea are prescribed by homeopaths to tame overexcited behaviors that may be an offshoot of nervine conditions and likewise hampers the body to slow down and sleep.

Herbal Supplements

While herbal remedies are potent sleep tonics when taken as individual remedies, modern day herbalists have integrated pharmaceutical methods with alternative practice to produce standardized herbal supplement products designed to holistically treat and heal diverse medical conditions, including sleep disorders. Herbal supplements such as Serenite Plus Drops are formulated with herbal nervine enhancers like Avena Sativa and Scuttelaria Laterifolia; the relaxant Passiflora Incarnata and homeopathic remedies such as Nux Vomica and Coffea to relieve behavioral symptoms that are weighing down on routine sleeping patterns and the ability to get a good night's rest the morning after.

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