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Can Hypnotherapy Cure Insomnia

Azlan Kasim

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Though one would not think of using hypnosis as a way to cure insomnia, it is one of the best ways to treat chronic insomnia. By taking you through a series of exercises in hypnotherapy, you can lean natural ways to cure insomnia and be able to enjoy a good nights’ sleep.

It doesn't mean that you have to go to a hypnotist by any means-there are CDs available for you to purchase that allow you to teach your conscious mind what your unconscious mind has forgotten. We learn the things we knew as babies that would allow us to sleep no matter what the circumstances.

The teachings of hypnotherapy teach us many of the things that we should already know about proper sleep habits and the different things that have a negative effect on it such as eating too soon before bed, drinking alcohol, and smoking cigarettes.

Though many of us know about melatonin as a sleep aid, we may not realize that it is something that is naturally produced by the retinas of the eyes during darkness. Thus, if you are a shift worker who must sleep during the day, it's important that you find a way to darken your room or use “blinders" on your eyes to shut out the light. It's also important to have several continuous sleep cycles, which average 90 minutes, in order to have a good nights’ sleep.

During the hypnotherapy to improve sleep habits, we learn many of the things that we should already know, but our bodies have forgotten, or we are failing to practice. Some of those things include sleeping and waking up at about the same time each day, taking a hot bath about a hour and a half before bed, avoiding certain foods too close to bedtime, and even allowing your body to claim down before attempting to sleep. It's also important to avoid sleeping pills, especially on a regular basis, because your body will lose its natural ability to induce sleep. Sleep hypnotherapy teaches you the things that you need to do in order to return to a good nights’ sleep without the use of sleeping pills. For some people having a nap of no more than one and a half hours in the afternoon helps induce a good nights’ sleep, but for others it causes insomnia, so you have to follow your own body and know what works for your.

Azlan Kasim had been having some sleepless nights and with the help of a hypnotherapist friend, is now sleeping peacefully 4-5 hours a day. You can learn more about insomnia here ->


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