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Getting Your Sleep Facts Straight


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If you need sleep facts you come to the right place. Sleep disorders are far more common than people are lead to believe, in fact a third of all adults have suffered from some type of sleep disorder. The most common is insomnia which is the inability to sleep satisfactorily. Often a sufferer will experience restlessness, sleep interruptions, and wake up feeling tired and un-refreshed.

Sleep is necessary for a number of reasons including, growth and restoring physical energy. During normal sleep we go through 5 stages of sleep. However it's during deep sleep we benefit the most as most of the blood is redirected to the muscles in the body during this stage. This explains why during a poor night sleep where we've missed vital deep sleep, we feel aches and pains in our muscles. Deep sleep is also important for combating viruses and illnesses.

During the day our temperature increases, this helps us feel more alert and improves concentration. During the evening our body temperature decreases, this is a natural aid to sleep. This explains why women find it difficult to sleep during menstruation as their body temperature increases during this period. Sunlight and darkness also affects the melatonin and serotonin levels in our brain. When sunlight enters our eyes, melatonin levels decrease causing our body temperature to rise. During darkness the opposite happens which is why it's important to attain maximum sunlight exposure in the day to improve alertness and energy levels.

It's true that some people are just naturally good sleepers and others who suffer from insomnia may have experienced poor sleep all their lives. However, just as insomnia and sleeplessness can be perpetuated with bad habits, it can also be improved with good habits. It's the subconscious that knows how to sleep, it's the subconscious that allows us to walk, cycle and drive effortlessly. Thus good sleeping habits can be learned and even a chronic sufferer can improve, if not cure their sleeplessness.

As we grow older we tend to sleep less and our deep sleep decreases. Insomnia is much more prevalent in adults for many reasons; pressures of work, financial and relationship problems are all too common. Stress, anxiety and worry are major inhibitors of sleep. We often feel that there's little we can do to overcome stress when the issue is not easily resolved. Insomnia affects more than a third of adults, unfortunately for many, sleep medication seems the only way out.

Insomnia is sometimes developed as a result of other disorders such as anxiety and depression. Often there are a number of contributory factors that lead to the development of insomnia. Poor sleep habits as well as psychological factors need careful attention in finding the cause of insomnia.

It's important to learn about sleep facts and improve our knowledge on sleep. Sleep is vital for energy and life. Without good sleep our quality of life is reduced. With the right knowledge and advice it is possible to cure your insomnia.

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Insomnia Facts That May Help You To Sleep Better At Night
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