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Insomnia - How to Cure Insomnia


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Many of us suffer from insomnia. We know all to well what is feels like to toss and turn in bed and watch the hours pass with the dread that tomorrow is going to be a rough day. When we do not get adequate sleep for prolonged periods of time we feel tired, irritable and our immune systems are weakened. The most common solution for this is prescription medications which can have horrid side affects such as next day drowsiness and short term memory loss not to mention dependence. With all this in mind it is imperative to avoid using pharmaceuticals for treatment of insomnia.

Our first step to naturally treat insomnia naturally is to stop your intake of stimulants or depressants. Consume your last caffeinated drink at least six hours prior to the time you want to fall asleep or eliminate caffeine from your diet completely. Nicotine and alcohol should not be consumed before bed time as well.

The second thing that is important is to keep the same schedule. Try and get the same amount of sleep every night and get up and go to sleep at the same time everyday. Do not try and play catch up with your sleep on the weekends. This will cause you to be tired during the week. Try this for a 28 day period and you should see a drastic improvement.

Some people have had success with drinking herbal teas prior to bed time. Please consult your doctor if you have a serious health problem or taking any medication before doing this as some herbs can have interactions with certain medications. Some good herbs to look into are Valerian, hops, lavender, chamomile and catnip.

Exercise can also be vital to sleeping well. When we do physical exercise during the day we tend to rest better at night. This will also help with stress and anxiety. One should exercise at least six hours prior to bedtime. Do not overexert yourself exercising. Pace your self as the myth “no pain no gain” is not true. A brisk walk outside or on the treadmill will work nicely.

Make your bedroom a comfortable and enticing place to sleep. Do not read or write in bed. Use your bedroom only for sleeping. This also means you should remove the tv from the bedroom. Elimination clutter and other distractions can also help.

These methods should really help you start to sleep better immediately. If you have tried these methods and still have insomnia see my resource box for some other all natural sleep cures for insomnia.

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