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Five Natural Insomnia Remedies


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Anyone who suffers from insomnia on a regular basis knows that it is more than simply a slight inconvenience. Going without sleep for prolonged periods of time causes us to feel fatigued and weakens our immune systems. Since prescription sleep aids can have some nasty side effects, it's vitally important to search for natural cures for insomnia before resorting to pharmaceuticals for treatment.

1. Your first step to curing insomnia naturally should be to avoid or lower your intake of stimulants and/or depressants. Have your last cup of coffee or caffeinated beverage at least six hours before when you want to fall asleep or better yet, cut caffeine out of your diet completely. You should also steer clear of nicotine and alcohol just before bedtime as well.

2. Keep up a consistent sleep schedule. Attempt to acquire the same amount of sleep every night of the week, and go to bed and wake up at the same regularly scheduled times as well. Don't make the error of sleeping only a few hours each night throughout the week and trying to “regain your lost sleep” during the weekend. As long as you do this, you'll be tired throughout the week. Formulate a habitual sleep schedule and follow it at least a month. Doing this for a month will help to make it a healthy habit that will be easy to stick to.

3. Herbal teas are one of the greatest ways to unwind. If you are taking prescription medication or have a severe health problem, you'll want to discuss it with your physician first. Effective night time herbal teas include valerian, chamomile, hops, lavender, and catnip.

4. Begin a regular exercise routine. If you get physical exercise throughout the day, it will help you to rest easier at night. Regular exercise also helps to relieve stress and fatigue. For the most efficient training schedule, exercise at least six hours prior to falling asleep and remember not to overexert yourself when you are just starting out. Be easy on yourself. You don’t want to burn yourself out or become sore. A brisk walk is a good way to unwind during this time.

5. Spruce up your bedroom. Your bedroom should be a space that is used for slumber, not for watching television. Do away with anything in your bedroom that you find distracting. Keep it spotless and free of clutter. Turn your bedroom into a relaxing place where you can go to calm down and unwind.

Carrie Buckles is a professional writer who specializes in the subject of healthy and natural ways of increasing your energy and productivity.

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How to Treat Insomnia With Herbal Remedies?
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