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Peter Burke

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Anyone who suffers from snoring knows how annoying a problem it is. Sufferers can often be desperate to cure the problem and will shelve out many hundreds of dollars to find a cure. How to cure snoring can be a difficult task!

The problem is that there are many different causes and a cure for one person is not necessarily a cure for another. This can be seen for example where snoring occurs due to excessive weight gain and then is subsequently reduced on weight loss.

Other causes are more problematic and sometimes the sufferer resorts to surgery which doesn't have to be the case! What is snoring?

Snoring is defined as noisy breathing through the mouth and nose during sleep. It is the vibration of respiratory structures and the resulting sound, due to obstructed air movement during breathing while sleeping. It would be fair to say that most people know about snoring but what most people who suffer from it don't know is how to cure it. Identify the problem

It sounds easy but it isn't. I suspect that many people understand ‘why’ they snore i. e.being overweight but how to deal with it is another thing. What complicates the issue is that snoring is really the ‘symptom’ that something(s) wrong and most people try to treat symptoms instead of look at the cause and cure the cause. It's amazing how basic this is but is overlooked! Some of the problems can be caused by problems the sufferer is unaware often such as for example a tight jaw! Cures?

I could fill out a book on how to cure snoring and most of the remedies you would already have heard of and possibly even tried and again it comes back to what suits ‘you’ the sufferer.

Some people are more comfortable trying medication either prescribed or over the counter because it's easier to start with. (I'm not trying to demean anyone for trying pills first – sometimes they work)! Although there are quite a handful of sprays and pills available today these aren't a guaranteed solution for this long-term sleep problem. It's just that with a little bit of work trying a ‘natural’ alternative this often has the best long term results. Some of the most common cures are often ones that involve common sense. Often the cause of snoring can be alleviated by the ‘position’ one sleeps in. My wife (not a major snorer but enough to interrupt both of our sleep) tried a different sleeping position – she slept on her side. She managed to do this by sewing a small plastic ball into her pyjamas.

Yet another ridiculously simple remedy is to change sleeping posture by raising your head with two firm pillows instead of the one you already use.

One of the least obvious natural/home remedies is to examine the ‘quality of the air that you breathe. As was stated beforehand – snoring is a symptom. One of the causes these days is ‘poor air quality’. It sounds strange doesn't it? But it's true.

Many people these days are suffering allergies and many of these allergies cause problems to the airways which is the main contributor. So look at the possibility of allergy triggers existing in the bedroom such as stuffed animals, pets (pet hair) and even pillows. By clearing some of these potential causes of allergies one of the main culprits in creating a snoring problem may be eliminated.

If an allergy is indeed one of the main causes then try clearing the nasal passages by inhaling steam after running some hot water. This increases the width of the sinus and helps breathing thus alleviating one of the main causes for the problem.

It should be remembered that snoring can have many causes and that it is best to have a small chat to your doctor beforehand. How to cure snoring is not an easy process but if you try to solve it naturally you're more likely to have that great nights sleep you have been wanting for a long time!

If you still have a snoring problem. Don’t despair yet. How to cure snoring can be relatively straightforward if there is someone there to help you!

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About the Author:Peter Burke MBA has been writing journals and Articles for publication for over 7 years and is Managing director of a Consulting Company in the UK.


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