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Does Stress Cause Yeast Infections?

Sujith Fonseka

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Women having yeast infections tend to appear having optimum levels of a sign related to stress. The sign is referred to as salivary cortisol. This indicates extreme vulnerability caused to the candida. Other investigations also show that recurrent amount of yeast infections is responsible for producing chronic stress. Investigators have found out that around 35 women comprising of vulvovaginal candida in a recurrent manner along with cortisol levels in the morning were previously lower after they woke up. This was increasing during the very first 45 minutes right after getting up. This is in the comparison with the other 35 women not having yeast infections in a frequent manner.

It has been found that these women are more vulnerable. They are more prone to the candida vulvovaginitis along with other infections. This is because of chronic stress which impairs the immunity. This has been explained in a research. It has also been seen that cortisol rises typically in the morning. Also, paradoxically, it has been seen that a cortisol level which is lethargic indicates the chronic amount of stress at that particular time of the day. The group comprising of yeast infection reported having or undergoing increased genital infections in an overall manner.

Symptoms related to Yeast Infection

For example, studies have also found out that around 53% of the yeast infection is a result of having a history related to infection of bacterial vaginosis. There are few annoying symptoms related to yeast infection. This includes repetitive itching which might interfere with the daily work and well-being of an individual. Stress further compromises with the immune system. This is the reason why maximum individuals tend to develop the yeast infection while going through a period of stress. This especially pertains to a wedding, a divorce, and unemployment along with other life changes.

Hence, individuals need to take extra care while facing these stressful situations in life. Repeated infections also can be caused due to other illnesses along with any change in routine. The symptoms are itching, burning, thick and white discharge. It is not difficult to treat and is also referred being similar to vaginal infections. Hence, it is a proved fact and you no longer need to live in a dilemma anymore that does stress cause yeast infections or not. Thus, what needs to be done now, is reducing stress in life in order to avoid facing such situations like yeast infections.

Other Symptoms

Other symptoms also include:

  • Soreness
  • Unpleasant odor in the vagina
  • Rash on the vagina
  • Vulvar redness along with swelling
  • Feeling of discomfort at the time or even after performing *** intercourse and many others.

These symptoms are extremely alarming and should not be dealt casually. In case you witness any of these situations at any point in life, you need to immediately treat it with care. It is best to avail the guidance and assistance of a doctor. It is important to take medical aid when faced with the yeast infection. It further helps you to live a healthy and a normal lifestyle while you need to get rid of prolonged stress.

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Recurrent Yeast Infections How to Remove Repeating Yeast Infections
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