5 Ways to Take Care of Your Baby’s Skin.

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It’s always very pleasurable playing with a baby because they are very cute and their skin is very soft, making them adorable. Have you ever wondered why the baby skin is such soft? Technically speaking babies are well protected in their mother’s womb from physical exposures like sun, dust, touch, movement etc. So their skin has loose collagen making it soft, unlike adults who has complex collagen texture. Also there will be extra fat in the newborns giving a cushion to the skin. The perfect baby is only a commercial concept, in real life they are prone more skin problem due to under developed immunity making them vulnerable for rashes, discoloration etc. There are lot of skin care products in the market, but their efficacy is still need to be questioned. Let us see some effective ways to take care of baby’s skin.

1) Limit the bath session: A new born baby shouldn’t be frequently send for a bath, there is a natural form of oil on the surface of their skin protecting it from external exposure. Bathing them more than 3 times a week would wipe off this natural oil leaving their skin exposed to skin infections. The best choice is to give a sponge bath especially after diaper change with the help of a cleanser or cleaning lotion to make sure that they are clean.

2) Baby cloths: It is advised to wash baby clothes for the first time in order to remove any loose dyes or chemicals from textile. Always make sure that you wash their clothes frequently using a baby compliant laundry detergent, because commercial one has certain chemicals that might be harmful to their new skin. Check online sites meant for Toddlers like Firstcry which only offers detergents meant for Kids Clothes.

3) Diapers: Don’t make them wear a diapers all the time, it is only necessary when they are on a travel or out of home. Else make sure that use take proper care in changing the soiled diapers as soon as they get dirty. Because soiled one might invite bacteria which can cause skin infections. Always clean the diaper area with an anti-bacterial wet diaper and genuine baby care products. You can always get them for a discount on online stores like Babyoye.

4) Massage: Baby massage is very important for them in their first year of life cycle. Studies show that their immunity development is depends on touch stimuli such that it triggers hormones their by aiding the immunity development. Basically a massage doesn’t have any procedures, be soft and gentle avoiding skin and delicate regions. Use a genuine baby oil or lotion to sooth the massage. This would help the baby get a healthy skin at the same time conveys your affection towards them.

5) Avoid adult’s cosmetics: Never use any of adults skins care products with a baby. Their skin has a different conformation compared to us, so they must be treated with genuine and special baby care product exclusively prepared for them. Moreover certain chemical contents of adult cosmetics might damage their skin too. Don’t use fragrance, scent and perfumes for them, instead look for baby care essential oil or other fragrant materials made only for them.


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Tap into the Holistic Approach of Baby’s Skin Care
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