Is Coconut Oil Good for Oily Skin?

Soon Chai

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How does coconut oil help oily skin?

Coconut oil contains a good amount of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs), which are similar to those present in our natural skin oil called sebum. Because of the similarity between the MCFAs in sebum and those in the tropical oil, our skin treats coconut oil like its moisturizing sebum and thus, absorbs it very quickly and at the same time, reacts by reducing sebum secretion at the detection of coconut oil on our skin.

Because it gets absorbed quicker than other oils, coconut oil does not leave a greasy film on your skin like other oils do. Of course, if you apply too much of it in one sitting onto your skin, it’ll saturate your skin and leave a greasy film. (Other oils even when applied sparingly makes you feel greasy. )

So, apply just a small amount and then reapply it as often as necessary to moisturize your skin. Once your skin gets well moisturized, your sebum secretion will automatically cut down.

That said, coconut oil is indeed good for oily skin.

You may not notice the calming effect of the secretion of your sebum until a few days or a week of daily application depending on individuals. Our skin needs time to detect, fine-tune and react. So, just about a day of application won’t let you see how good coconut oil is for your oily skin.

Also, do not apply coconut oil over an already-oily skin as this can block its absorption. Cleanse your skin thoroughly first before applying the oil to ensure good absorption of it into your skin.

Though coconut oil is good for treating oily skin, you should couple the treatment with a good diet since food has a pronounced effect on skin. Take more fatty food (except those that contain good fat from coconut or flaxseeds) and your skin becomes more oily. Common sense.

Other foods to avoid are those that contain high sodium like French fries and all sorts of salty snacks or high refined carbohydrate like white bread and white flour etc. Dairy can cause your skin to become oily too. So, cut back on it as well or eliminate it completely from your diet.

Ever heard of eating animal meat can improve your oily skin? No, right? Apparently, animal meat doesn’t help your oily skin at all. It only makes your skin worse. Meat from animals can even increase your body’s acidic level and toxic waste (because you'll never be guaranteed that the meat coming from those carcasses are ill-free), which can trigger a severe disorder in your sebum secretion and cause an acne breakout. So, get rid of meat starting today.

Fruits and vegetables are good for oily skin because they contain rich amount of fiber, vitamins, minerals and other skin-beneficial nutrients to help flush out toxic waste and keep your body in balance. A balance body will have a normal sebum secretion. Visit to find out more on how to keep your skin less oily and less acne prone.

Oh, did you know that constipation can disrupt your liver function that in turn cause your skin to be more oily? If you do suffer from constipation, go to where you'll learn how much coconut oil to consume in order to loosen your bowels effectively.


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