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Quick And Easy DIY Beauty Products

Carrie Westengate

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Many people base what they think beauty is off of what they have learned from the media. This is not smart because the media presents illusions rather than truth. Your personal concept of beauty should be defined by you and grounded in natural reality. Read these tips and remember to use what works for you.

Did you try to apply a self-tan and end up with a streaked effect? To correct this condition, put baking soda on a wet washcloth and scrub those stripes away.

When your eyes are oily, you have to take action. This can be accomplished by utilizing an eyeliner brush and sweeping face powder around the eye. That will help absorb moisture. After you do this, you can put on eyeliner or eyeshadow and not worry about it flaking or smudging.

Clean out and reorganize your makeup bag regularly. A lot of folks have expired beauty products inside their collection that are just rife with bacteria. If used, these products may cause infections or damage to the skin. To avoid this issue do a monthly check on your makeup to ensure it has not expired.

Coconut oil makes the perfect go-to beauty product. It helps you look younger, and the application is not messy at all. Mix it with some sugar to exfoliate the skin.

Shave any skin that you intend to fake tan at least a day before doing so. Hair removal causes a bit of irritation and this can impede tanning products from working.

A chemical peel can be a great way to exfoliate and bring forward healthier skin. This type of peel removes old, tired skin cells and lead to fresh cellular growth. Once complete, the skin looks revitalized and radiant.

It doesn't have to be a time-consuming process to freshen up after work and get ready for a night out. Giving your face a quick dusting with matte powder (a big fluffy brush works best) will make your skin look less oily or shiny. Use it on your cheeks to brighten your look.

You can touch up your roots with some makeup until you can go to get it dyed. Apply black mascara on dark hair if your gray roots are starting to show. Lighter tones can use hairspray and gold eyeshadow instead.

Read blogs or online magazines to stay up to date with the beauty industry. Learn from the experience of others. Blogs and message boards can offer a wealth of information from people who have tried all the products out there and know the pros and cons of each.

For beauty's sake, put some egg all over your face! Eggs are very healthy when eaten. They also give you a nice outward appearance. After beating an egg or two in a bowl, apply the mixture directly to your face. Let it set for no more than 20 minutes, then wash your face. This can eliminate oily skin.

Don't fall into the trap of defining beauty based on what you see in the media. Beauty is a personal thing. The advice here should help you look better in no time.

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