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Secrets and rewards from honey...


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‘Golden liquid’ magic is known all over world nowadays. Honey – bee pollen miracle food. This is the resplendent brown liquid that works wonders on health, skin, hair etc in so many ways. Are you aware about this liquid magical healing property etc? Still not, then go through this for a better healthy life. The key benefits are: nature’s energy boosters, immunity builder, organic and natural remedy for skin ailments. The other beneficial are:

  • Skin and hair care
  • Aids weight loss
  • Cancer preventive properties
  • Relaxes the throat
  • Promotion of good digestion and health
  • Induces sleep etc.

Facedoctor products using the honey content in it. The researchers progress their study in this lovely liquid for more use and yield. Honey is a natural source of carbohydrates which provides energy, endurance to your body. It reduces the muscle fatigue. It keeps the levels of blood sugar moderately constant.

Immunity booster- honey constitutes antioxidants, aids the enhancement of digestive system. Stay healthy and fit. Consuming honey with warm water or lemon every morning helps you in weight loss process. It also helps to digest the fat in your body. The antioxidant present in honey kills the collagen presence in body and thus the flavonoids presence in it helps in diminishing the risk of cancer. The liquid is immense in vitamin C, calcium, iron, minerals too. One of the best natural healers; when applied in wounds. Kills the infection causing bacteria, viruses etc.

Gargle honey with water when you have a sore throat. It gives a soothing effect to the throat.

A small tip: Replace the sugar in your tea with honey for a refreshing surge of energy. Unable to sleep use milk and honey stuff - hot milk with 1 tbpsn of honey helps in induce sleep and calms the soul. Other than its benefits it has a great and sweetie taste. Usage of honey in pudding, desserts are so lovable.

Honey and vinegar remedy for many skin ailments such as arthritis. Honey and cinnamon mixture prevents hair loss and bad breath. It has been used as an oriental medicine for centuries. The combination of apple cider, vinegar and honey is a best known elixir for anti-aging. It also include: premature aging, Obesity, food poisoning, sun burn, brittle nails, high cholesterol level, eczema. Try this refreshing drink for a superior health. Take twice in a day – dissolve apple cider and vinegar in chilled water.

Facemask: simple mask with raw honey- so mild on skin (esp. Sensitive skin) benefits from its gentle purifying effects. Apply 1tbspn of raw honey on face as mask and rinse it off after 20minutes time. Twice in a week.

Oily skin people use honey carrot face mask- take 2-3 carrots with 4 tbspn of honey and cool it after that apply on your face and wash off after 10 minutes. Use cool water to rinse off. Carrot and honey are rich in vitamin A and C; antioxidants. Honey pollen mask – honey and bee pollen mask will help in repairing the skin that is affected with acne, rosacea, eczema etc.

Consumption honey daily promising you a health prosperous life.

Author bio :

Linda James writing about different skin disorders and skin treatments. Natural skin treatment from Facedoctor can completely cure off all types of skin disorders and at the same time can supplement your skin with essential nutrients to achieve a glowing skin.


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Healthy Honey
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