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The Development Of Psoriasis And Whether It Is Contagious


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Many people are asking if psoriasis is contagious or not. Since the cause of this condition still remains a mystery, nobody can fully explain how a person acquires it. There are some doctors who speculate that psoriasis is caused by the environment, just like allergies. There are some patients who remain unaware that they have certain allergies until they expose themselves to allergens.

On the other hand, there are scientists who claim that this illness happens when there is an imbalance in the body. The body is made of different cells. The number of each type of cell should be the same with others. But if the cells in the skin or the skin cells outnumber the other types, the person is at risk for developing conditions like psoriasis. This condition can be passed on through genes and your chance of getting infected by psoriasis increases, if it runs in the family.

Psoriasis is a skin disorder which is not contagious. You will not pass this disease to others by physical contact. However, many people have suffered from this condition. There are five types of psoriasis, affecting different parts of your body. All these types of psoriasis have different symptoms. The area which gets affected becomes scaly with small red spots causing itchiness. It is a lifelong battle with this disease, as currently there are no cures for this skin problem. These are known to occur on any part of your body such as elbows, knees, lower back and scalp. As it is a common disease anyone can be infected by it.

Psoriasis is also considered a chronic condition and, though it can go into remission for long periods of time, it is generally one that people must live with forever. However, with adequate skin care and by avoiding conditions that trigger flare-ups, a person with psoriasis can manage the condition well and help minimize its occurrences.

The first noticeable thing when studying psoriasis is the red skin. Any doctor would tell you about the three stages of the disease: progressive, stationary and regressive. During the first stage of the disease, the spots are swollen, hard to the touch and they have a bright color. The spots appear in friction and pressing areas, such as where the bra closes, or on an injury. In the second phase, no more spots appear, but the existing ones tend to link together to form larger and pail ones. The final stage, the regressive stage, is characterized by the partial and sometimes complete disappearance of the spots. It should be noticed that the pail spots are then replaced by darker ones.

In more severe cases of psoriasis, people can experience arthritic symptoms known as psoriatic arthritis. People with this type of psoriasis commonly complain of swollen, painful joints. Severe psoriasis even sometimes causes a loss of finger and toe nails as a result of dead skin building beneath both surfaces and pushing the nail out of the nail bed.

At this moment, there is no certain medication or technology that can stop or completely cure this disease. All these insights about psoriasis prove that it is necessary to understand patients because they go through serious physical, emotional, social and psychological trauma. They need all the support and attention that they could get to boost their self-esteem and gain a positive outlook in life.

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