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Effectiveness of Laser Tattoo Removal Depends on the Tattoo Colors


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Tattoos are great to look at; however sometimes, you may have some reason or the other to have it removed. There are various methods that can be employed to remove tattoos. However of the lot, the least painful but most effective means of removing a tattoo is through laser tattoo removal.

The main reason this form of tattoo removal has grown so much in popularity is because it does not have to breach the skin like other tattoo removal methods, surgeries and dermabrasion. With these methods, there is a chance of some scarring and irritation occurring in addition to various skin conditions.

Laser tattoo removal helps reduce the size of tattoo pigments

In case of laser tattoo removal, a high intensity laser is targeted at the skin to break up the different tattoo pigments. Basically, it is because the tattoo pigments are too big that it cannot get absorbed by the body. However by breaking the tattoo pigments into smaller bits, it helps in getting the body naturally remove the ink through its body immune system.

Though laser tattoo removal is effective in removing tattoos, there are some factors that affect its efficiency. One such factor is the color of the ink, as it determines the number of sessions you have to go through to get your tattoo removed.

Basically, black and blue are the easiest colors to remove while the brighter colors like yellow need more sessions for removal. In fact, yellow is a color that is very difficult to remove through lasers.

Older tattoos are more difficult to remove

Another factor that determines the speed and efficiency of laser tattoo removal is when you actually had your tattoo in the first place. If you had your tattoo only a few weeks or months ago, removing it is much easier than tattoos that were printed a few years ago. This is because with time, the pigment gets harder to remove.

On an average, a medium sized tattoo requires about 4 or more sessions across a few weeks’ time for its removal. You need some time in between the laser tattoo removal sessions so that your skin gets sufficient time to heal.

While laser tattoo removal is one of the less painful tattoo removal options available, there will be some pain and some chances of scarring after the tattoo is removed. The chances of a scar and pain are greatly reduced if you have your tattoo removed by a reputed dermatologist at a reputed skin clinic or med spa.

Don’t opt to have it removed by unrecognized doctors as they may not have sufficient experience to safely remove your tattoo for you. Though reputed doctors may be a bit more expensive than these doctors, they are a much safer and better option for your laser tattoo removal.

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