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Athletes Foot - How to Protect School age Athletes


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Although athletes foot, which is really a very common infection of the skin, is actually in most cases found in adult males, younger school-age kids are also susceptible to this ailment. Although it is rare, it can and does indeed take place in kids which are active in sporting activities and spend a lot of time in locker rooms where lots of people shower regularly.

You can get athletes foot should you come into contact with somebody who has already been affected by this problem. This skin ailment is sometimes categorised as ringworm of the foot and can be transmitted by other methods too. Below you can find some of the frequent places where athlete's foot may possibly originate from:

• sharing bath towels
• from the dirt
• floors inside the locker room
• contact with afflicted pets

Parents of youngsters are quite unlikely to observe many, if any instances of athlete's foot. However, it is actually very common in teenage and adult males. If you do in fact have older male teens, that are active in athletics, there are a variety of actions you can take that will help prevent athlete's foot from developing. The following guidelines may help your young ones in preventing the developing of athlete's foot even in settings in which it is rather likely to end up being found.

Keep your feet free of moisture and thoroughly clean. Athlete's foot spreads wherever there is moisture as well as bacteria consequently, simply by staying away from these particular issues it helps to prevent athlete's foot entirely.

Don't share your towel with anyone. Simply by using a separate towel, you can prevent the transfer of athlete's foot from one individual to another.

Always put on flip-flops or some sort of sports sandal made for the water while inside the locker room or public shower room areas.

Allow your feet to breathe by putting on sandals or open shoes whenever possible.

Never wear shoes constructed with vinyl or rubber.

You can also look at putting talcum powder inside your sneakers to soak up any excessive dampness.

Sometimes, even when we try our best to prevent getting athlete's foot, we find ourselves suffering from this issue. Should this happen, you will notice a red and scaly rash that is extremely itchy. By far the most commonly affected areas tend to be the webbing between the toes along with the tops and bottoms of your feet. Even though these are the most common places athletes foot can impact any area of the body.

There are lots of over-the-counter medicines made to deal with athletes foot and for the most part it is easily treated. However, sometimes this foot fungus may become immune to the remedies and call for something more powerful. If this happens in your case, you might need to see your doctor for more treatment methods.

It isn't uncommon even together with treatment, for athletes foot to return a number of times particularly for people who do participate in sports and devote a good bit of time with their feet in socks and shoes which allows for excessive sweating. This is the reason it is critical to limit your exposure to the aforementioned conditions as much as possible.

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