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WOW! Anti Aging Skin Peels That Actually Work!

Lisa Dankin

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Are you interested in anti aging treatments for your skin and were wondering about skin peels?

Skin peels expert, Sia Hendry from the renowned Laser By Sia skin care clinics, tellus about peels, and how they do (and don’t) work.

“Skin peels were actually used by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, ” Siasays. “They used natural plants extracts to slough away the top layers of skin, revealing younger skin underneath, ” Sia says.
“Now, skin peels can be known by many different names, like chemical peels, AHAPeels, BHA peels, and can be natural, organic or chemical.

“By using ingredients like salicylic acid, lactic acids, chemical acids or fruit acids, peels remove the top few layers of skin, creating a skin wound, which thenstimulates the production of collagen in the dermis, providing a plumping effect andreducing fine lines, mild scarring, wrinkles, sagging and hollows. ”

But, as Sia explains, not all skin peels are created equal.

“Glycolic acid skin treatments, such as peels, are formulated from sugar cane. Ourexperts at Laser By Sia have found that glycolic acid is very irritating to the face. Over time, this causes the skin to ‘harden’ and eventually, it stops having any effecton the facial skin as the skin builds up a tolerance, ” Sia explains.

“Chemical skin peels have an array of problems, including the risk of scarring andpermanent hyperpigmentation. Peels also damage the epidermal barrier, which iscrucial for the healthy functioning of our skin.

“Repeated skin peels can cause scarring to build up in the dermis, which blocksnutrients from reaching the lower layer of the skin, where they can do the most good. This, coupled with repeated damage to the epidermal barrier, means your skin peels could end up accelerating the aging process.

“We only recommend using natural, chemical free skin peels that work from the inside out, to stimulate collagen and elastin, remove scar tissue andremove loose skin cells, all while protecting the delicate epidermal barrier.

“All our peels are chirally corrected, meaning they do not cause skin allergies orirritation and can be used by sensitive skin, or those suffering from chronic skinproblems, like acne.

“By using natural, chemical-free skin peels, you can improve the look of wrinkles, scars, age spots, sagging and hollows, for amazing anti aging benefits, ” Sia says.

Laser By Sia skin care clinics are located at Bondi Junction, and now in Sydney’sCBD. To find out more about anti aging and skin peels, contact Laser By Sia on 028323 7510 or visit our Sydney Skin Clinic Website


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