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Ways of quickly removing moles


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Good mole removal methods

Most people don't want to have moles on their faces. Unfortunately, moles are just like colds, infections and other annoying disturbances, they dint care about what you want and there probably is not too much you can do to stop them from appearing

Other aspects:

Something that is ofter forgotten and replaced with the cosmetic aspect is the unfortunate truth that some moles can sometimes develop into full blown skin cancers or melanomas. It is therefore recommended to remove or at leas keep a close eye on moles.

Thanks to today's medical technology blemishes are nothing to get upset about since it can almost always be remover without any problems, so chin up and read on. All of the available methods, from simple creams that you can use yourself in the comfort of your own home, to advanced hi tech laser surgery that can sometimes be very pricey, all different methods have their benefits and weaknesses. To get the desired result you need to research the methods and find out which of them are most suitable for your personal needs. It doesn't really matter if you choose to remove a mole for cosmetic reasons, for health related reasons or simply for comfort and convenience, the more you know the better choice you can make.

Here are some common mole removal methods.

Scalpel Excision
This type of procedure is performed on small moles that are well defined on the skin and have been deemed to be safe and non cancerous by medical personnel. The doctor will start the treatment by washing the area clean with alcohol or something similar to kill bacteria and then apply anesthesia, and then remove the skin tag and its base with a scalpel. After the blemish has been removed the resulting wound may be stitched with regular stitches, which require a return visit for removal, or simply bandaged if the base of the blemish is small enough. In some cases the doctor might use dissolving stitches which makes a return visit unnecessary. If there is reason to suspect that there might be malignancy, samples can be sent to a laboratory for evaluation. Since the procedure is relatively easy to perform it can be performed in small outpatient clinics and even by home calling doctors.

Biopsy can be compared to shaving. It simply cuts away the raised portion of the blemish, leaving the base intact. It can be beneficial since it heals easier and quicker than a base excision and requires no stitches at all. As in the methods above the doctor will clean and numb the mole before the procedure. It can leave some darker skin since the base of the mole is still remaining in your skin. Another use for “shaving" is to take samples for the lab since its a quick procedure.

Laser Mole Removal
This is method that is a little bit more pricey than the other methods, but is preferred due to the fact it runs a smaller risk of scarring or infection. It uses a laser to cut instead of scalpel, which means cleaner cuts.

Home Treatment
Can be used if the mole is not showing signs of malignancy. There are various home treatments that suits different skin types.

Learn about other mole removal methods here: Mole Removal


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