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Cellulite Massage Is An Effective Way to Treat Cellulite


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You may have been informed about the various cellulite treatment options that are available to women. With so many different healthcare companies vying for you to buy this product or that, it should come as no surprise that the easiest way to remove cellulite is also the most simple. In fact, it can be done in the comfort of your own home with no special or expensive equipment.

I am talking about cellulite massage. This can be done at no cost with your bare hands, a cheap body brush or a pricier roller massager that you buy for home use. Whatever option you end up choosing, massage is a proven way to remove cellulite.

The first option is to use your bare hands. When doing this, women often use anti cellulite cream and massage the lotion deep into the skin. This not only stimulates the blood flow via the massage but also helps the cream penetrate more fully into the skin. In essence, it is a combined effect of two treatments that are known to work.

Another option is to use a scrubbing brush in the shower. Costing only a few dollars, the scrubbing brush can stimulate the blood flow to the skin and cellulite fat. This increase in circulation can remove toxins and fluid, provide nutrients to the oxygen starved cellulite and improve the appearance of the skin. You should do this once or twice per day with the water in the shower hot and steamy.

The third at home option is to use a home massager. These cost anywhere from $50 to $1,500. They are designed to massage the skin via rollers and help to smooth the fat. They are much more effective that just using your hands or brush for cellulite massage , and can be actually quiet comfortable to use. This is a very popular option for many women affected by cellulite.

If you want the very best in cellulite treatment massage then you will need to head to your local beauty clinic. Here you will find commercial massagers like Vellasmooth and Endermologie. These are very powerful machines that gently but effectively massage the skin to improve its appearance. They cost about $100 per session and you will need over 15 to see the best results.


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Reducing Cellulite Erase Cellulite From Your Body Naturally, Easily, and Free!
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