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Oily Skin Care - Where to Find Solutions That Work

Dr. Valerie Rosenbaum

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You might have oily skin care problems, but you don't want to create other problems as you try to get rid of that shine. Some oily skincare products can do long-lasting damage to your skin's health and your overall health and well-being. People buy health and beauty aids that contain known carcinogens on a daily basis, without knowing. Here's a little advice from someone who knows.

You're actually luckier than some folks. People with oilier skin don't see the signs of aging as quickly as people with excessive dryness.

The most important part of an oily skin care regimen is cleansing. But, the popular use of the antibacterial agent triclosan means that you have to choose your cleansing products carefully.

Triclosan is an organic compound that reacts with chlorine in water to form other compounds that then become dioxins. Dioxins are highly toxic and break down slowly. So, they accumulate in the body over time causing chronic illnesses and glandular disorders.

Oily skincare products contain the antibacterial agent, because many people with excessive oiliness also have acne. The blemishes are a type of bacterial infection. Pores become clogged with dirt and oils. The bacteria, normally present on the surface of the skin becomes trapped and multiplies. The result is a pimple.

The idea is that bacterial reduction will reduce the number of pimples and outbreaks. There are safer, natural antibacterial compounds. Witch hazel and honey, for example, are effective for oily skin care and for their antiseptic or antibacterial activity.

For cleansing, oily skincare products that contain orange oil are safe and very effective. For deep cleansing, an occasional mask that contains extracts from mineral clay is very effective. They absorb oil and literally “suck" the dirt out of the pores.

Many people suggest exfoliation for oily skin care . I have seen some of the side effects from that suggestion; redness, itching, irritation and an increased number of blemishes.

One of the main things that your oily skincare products should do is “balance" sebum production. Sebum is produced by the glands deep within the pores. It is primarily composed of fatty acids. It is needed to help maintain the elasticity and moisture content of the skin.

Excessive sebum production may occur due to environmental exposure to fats, as with people who work in the food service industry. It may also be a result of excessive fat in the diet. Try reducing the amount of dietary fat that you consume and see if that helps.

To balance sebum production, oily skin care treatments should contain jojoba, a kind of wax that has proven benefits in treating acne and reducing sebum production.

Another good choice for oily skincare products, particularly to prevent breakouts is grape seed extract. It forms a film that prevents dirt and grime from entering the pores.

Just remember that oily skin care should be safe and you should be successful. If you're an older person, you should be very careful about causing excessive dryness, which increases the outward signs of aging.

Dr. Valerie Rosenbaum is a dermatologist who specializes in aging of the skin. She has done extensive research on the many chemicals used in skin care products. For more information visit her website


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