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Natural Skin Care For Men - Be a Smart Shopper


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Under the category of “men skin care products", you may find lotions that were originally for a woman and then the company made a slight fragrance change. You may also find lots of hazardous synthetic chemicals. Even in solutions that claim to be natural skin care for men.

You have to be a smart shopper. You can't trust the cosmetic companies or any government agency to protect the health of your skin. There's more to learn than I could possibly include in an article of this length. So, what I have here is a brief collection of helpful hints.

All Categories of Men Skin Care Products

Avoid preservatives, particularly parabens, and added fragrance. They are the two most common causes of allergic and adverse reactions, which can cause permanent scarring in the epidermis or even in the deeper layers.


Avoid the brands LUMENE, AHAVA, ESCADA and Paul Sebastian. They contain so many hazardous compounds that the Environmental Working Group gives them a rating of 10. Their scale runs from zero to ten, with ten being the most hazardous.

All of the brands contain known carcinogens. LUMENE after shave, for example, contains oxybenzone. The ingredient is most often found in natural skin care for men, designed for sunburn protection, but it also shows up in some unusual places.

Over two years ago, researchers proved that the organic compound attacks DNA strands, causing cancerous growths. Yet, it's inclusion in natural skin care for men, and women, has yet to be banned.

Ingredients to look for include witch hazel, capuacu butter and grape seed oil.

Moisturizers in Men Skin Care Products

Mineral oils, liquid paraffin, petrolatum and petroleum jelly are all actually the same thing. They are byproducts of the petroleum or gasoline industry. Researchers have shown that they are often contaminated with cancer causing compounds, but in general, they are not effective moisturizers and they disrupt the natural rejuvenation process, including the production of new skin cells. So, they contribute to the signs of aging.

Moisturizers to look for include grape seed oil, jojoba, olive oil and avocado extract. You'll only find them in the best natural skin care for men.

Anti-aging Creams

The list of products to avoid cannot be included here, but some must be mentioned. It is imperative that you avoid an ingredient called Argireline. It is advertised as a Botox alternative, but it has never been fully tested for safety. If the advertising claims are true, the FDA says that it should be classified as a “new drug" and extensive research should be conducted.

You should also avoid hydroquinone, which is found in women's and men skin care products, designed to lighten or fade age spots. This ingredient increases the risk of cancer, but it can also cause a serious and permanent skin condition. Black bumps begin to appear in some people and they never go away. The condition can spread and worsen to the point that cosmetic surgery is necessary.

For anti-aging, the best natural skin care for men is a patented ingredient called Functional Keratin. It works and it's safe.

There are many other categories of men skin care products and lots of things that I haven't mentioned here. Just be careful and always keep safety in mind.

Jenny Miano is dedicated to research of skin care health products. She shares her research on her website;

Should you have damaged skin, unwanted wrinkles, and fine lines, visit her site now to learn about the skin care line Jenny personally recommends.

For more help on choosing the natural skin care for men visit us now.


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Natural Male Skin Care For Nourishing Skin 24 Hours a Day
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