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Frown Lines 3 Ways to Prevent Them

Samantha Jackson

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You can probably look in the mirror right now and tell where your frown lines will be. These deep creases formed where you furrow your brow, wrinkle your nose or knit your eyebrows grow over time until even when you are not making the face, your face is still making it all on its own! These lines are the result of your facial muscles developing the habit of wrinkling over time, and they are by far some of the hardest types of age signs to combat or repair.

Fortunately, you do not have to get them, and if you already have them there are plenty of ways to chase them away.

One of the most popular methods is botox, a drug that is injected by needle into the muscles of the face that causes them to relax, thereby also releasing the wrinkles. If you are not into needles, however, or the thought of the potential side effects of this “wonder drug" make you cringe, then consider these other, easier and perfectly viable options for fighting your wrinkles.

Watch Your Mouth - Literally

Look at yourself in the mirror as you are talking on the phone. As you speak, you will notice that you make certain faces when you say certain things. For example, when you talk about things that cause you stress you may knit your brows or quirk your lips, causing temporary folds in the skin of your forehead or mouth area.

These are expressions that you likely make whenever you are feeling stress from work, family or other factors, and over time your face will hold these expressions even when you are not making them on purpose.

Breaks Bad Facial Habits

Everyone has a face that they make when they concentrate, and as a result they make it a great deal of the day while working or interacting with friends, family or colleagues. Focus on consciously keeping your face smooth and untroubled - even when you don't feel this way - so that you don't inadvertently spend the entire day reinforcing frown lines.

Consider A Quick Fix

While most fast repairs for wrinkles are not all they are cracked up to be, when it comes to habitual facial furrows your odds of a successful 10 minute makeover improve significantly. There is a vast array of tested and proven beauty products, face masks and eye serums designed to relax tensed facial muscles and spot-treat frown lines.

When you're researching all of your wrinkle skin cream options, be sure to read plenty of online reviews. We've put together some of the best here: wrinkle cream reviews.


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