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Is Exfoliating Your Skin Worthwhile?


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One of the biggest challenges for any person is to ensure that their skin does not become dry due to the elements of the weather and other factors such as pollution.

Other causes of dryness to the skin can be the fact that you may be using hard water to wash your skin, or that your home or office even may ne just to humid. Being an in environment that is very dry will have an impact on your skin too, so you will need to make sure that you are getting appropriate ventilation.

Now you will see many products available for dry skin that are exfoliators and often they are suggested to be used on a daily basis. And if you have skin that is rough and flaky then using an exfoliating lotion seems to be a logical step forward. But is it really?

Whilst the above is the correct step forward as you do not want your skin to be looking dull and lifeless, and the whole process behind exfoliating your skin is to remove dead skin cells and therefore to give yourself a more fresh appearance.

And here comes the but section. Excess exfoliating should be thought about very carefully because whilst you may be giving yourself a fresh look, you are preventing your skin from growing and therefore you are not really giving your skin the chance to heal. Plus too much of one thing is never really a good idea.

So now that you are aware of the drawbacks to exfoliating the skin too much, you need to embark upon the search of finding a product that is actually going to be kind to your skin.

Always select a product that is certified organic and this will be on the product packaging. This way you can be sure that you are not being exposed to any man made products and which could potentially cause any irritation.

So, we are aware of the problems of excess exfoliation and know that we should opt for something that is certified organic. So how often should you actually exfoliate the skin without causing any further potential problems? Well once every two weeks is great, but if you can leave it for once a month that will be even better.

When you are in the process of exfoliating your dry skin always ensure that your face is wet. Apply a small amount to your fingertips and massage into the skin very gently using circular movements focusing on the cheeks, chin, forehead and also the neck.

Rinse your skin thoroughly and pat your skin dry. Do not apply excessive force when exfoliating your face or when you dry your skin. And follow up with a toner, to help freshen your skin, and again you need to make sure that you using is organic and that it is suitable for dry skin. Then finally apply a moisturiser that will hydrate your skin.

Following the above routine will help you to return lost moisture to your skin and will help to keep the signs of ageing and you can expect to see a real difference also.


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