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Your Diet Determines the Health of Your Skin


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In the UK here there a TV program called You Are What You Eat. It shows people that embark on a very unhealthy diet and the problems that they face. These problems range from feeling tired, to having problems going to the toilet, to even just doing simple things such as walking. And each person who does have a bad diet also has terrible skin.

With the world getting busier and busier people do not seem to be able to take the time to be able to cook a meal from scratch. There are now too many choices with fast foods and ready made meals that you simply just need to re-heat in the microwave. And as a result of this so called choice, our health and skin have learnt to suffer.

Do not get me wrong, there are times when I just do not feel like cooking for my family. But getting a take away is more of a treat than a serious diet option.

On the TV program I mentioned the presenter generally asks the person who has the bad diet to stick out their tongue. Why? Simply because the tongue can tell you whether a person is lacking in essential vitamins and minerals that the body is just not getting.

Should a person be on a diet that consists of anything but lots of fresh water, juices, nuts, grains, vegetables and fruits really is a countdown to disaster. Not only will your skin suffer but so too will your overall health. Think of all the fat that you are consuming and try to imagine that clogging essential arteries to your heart. Can you see the danger that you are putting yourself in? And for what and most of all for who?

Bad diets can lead to many skin related problems, such as spots, acne, oily skin rashes, dryness and even there is the risk of developing eczema.

Being on a diet that is healthy does not need to be difficult and there are some excellent dishes that can be made with vegetables. Such as vegetable lasagne rather than a standard meat based lasagne. This one dish can be packed with all the vegetables that you can imagine, and all you need to do is simply prepare them, and some lasagne sheets and a little cheese and in the oven it goes for thirty minutes or so. Just perfect it actually tastes fantastic.

If you now take the steps to move forwards, then get to the supermarkets and get your shopping basket full of fruits and vegetables and just notice how colourful your shopping has now become. It may also be an idea to start taking vitamin supplements until your body gets used to your new way of eating and living.

Also do not forget to stay active as you need to get your heart pumping in order for it to stay healthy and you should also remember to drink as much water as possible. Drinking tea and coffer where water is the ingredient is not the same. Just drink lots of water in order for your body to flush out these dreaded toxins and in no time will you start to look and feel much better.


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