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Oily Skin is a Polite Way to Say That Your Skin is Greasy


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Oily skin has overactive sebaceous glands which produce excess of oil and gives the skin a greasy look. This skin type is generally categorized as thick, shiny and dull colored.

In such type of skin, oil mainly gets accumulated on the forehead, nose and chin as these body parts have a large number of sebaceous glands. Moreover, the problem of oily skin aggravates in summers, as excess of oil oozes out from pores or glands.

Though oily skin has some positive side too like this kind of skin do not get early wrinkles or does not show early sign of aging. But, there is no denying from the fact that oily skin needs special and extra care as compared to other skin types i. e. dry, normal and mixed skin types so as to keep it way from problems like acne and blemishes.

Causes of oily skin are not just limited to one reason; there are several causes of that make the skin oily. Some of the major ones being:

Hormone levels
Lack of proper diet
Humidity and hot weather
Excessive use of chemical based cosmetics
Birth control pills

With the growing age the hormonal balance of body also changes, that is why we see younger generation facing the problem of oily skin like pimples and blemishes. Other factor responsible for oily skin is menopause or pregnancy when the body hormones get imbalanced resulting in the activity of sebaceous glands getting increased. Cheap and cream-based cosmetics are enemy of oily skin as they aggravate the problem to a great extent. So, it is always advisable to use the right kind cosmetics suiting your skin type.

However, healthy diet plays a major role in defining your skin type, as it is said ‘what you eat that gets reflected on your face’. No matter if you are among those facing the problem of oily skin, it can be controlled by taking right diet at the right time.

Special care tips for oily skin:

Never treat oily skin with harsh lotions or soaps that can damage your skin texture.

Use water-based beauty products for oily skin and avoid cream based products. Cream based products can block the skin pores thereby leading to acnes and other related problems. Also, avoid beauty products that are alcoholic based.

Never use cleansing lotion to clean your oily face. Cleansing lotions are usually cream-based that is not suitable for oily skin. It is better to use anti-bacterial lotion to clean the face and neck area. One can also use an oil-free moisturizer or a matt-effect moisturizer after washing the face.

Instead of using cold or lukewarm water, use hot water to wash your face as hot water dissolves the skin oil easily.

Wash your face at regular intervals, atleast 4 to 5 times a day, however avoid too much washing by which essential oils get removed.

You can apply clay mask on your oily skin that will help in lowering down the oil secretion. But do not use it on daily basis as it would give your skin unnecessary stretching effect.

If you are need of treating acne , it is advisable to for a proper medication. Using benzoyl peroxide is a good medication for acne vulgaris however, before using this it is better to consult a skin specialist.

Regular exercises improve blood circulation of body and cleanse it naturally. It also helps in flushing of harmful chemical of the body so, carry out exercises daily so as to keep yourself glowing and healthy.


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