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The Facts and Myths About Cellulite


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Cellulite is fatty tissue that is found under the skin. The reason it is so easy to see is because it is found right under the surface, not like other fat deposits found deeper under the skin.

The facts and myths about cellulite can be both humorous and educational. It appears in all shapes and sizes, beginning around the age of twenty. It really has more to do with genetics than exercise. Even a super-model can have cellulite, and most people are very surprised when they see it appear on their bodies.

Looking into the facts and myths about cellulite, here are some of the common myths associated, along with the facts.

Many people believe that only older people get cellulites, but the facts show that anyone can have cellulite, at any age. As you age, your skin gets thinner and cellulite is more noticeable, but age doesn't dictate the fact that you have cellulite.

Another common myth about cellulite is that you can get it by drinking carbonated drinks, such as soda. This is a common myth because it was thought that the sodium found in carbonated drinks caused fat tissue to swell up causing cellulite. The truth about cellulite is that it is not made up of swollen fat tissues. Cellulite is found right under the surface of the skin, but the fatty tissue itself is not swollen. These fatty tissues are actually cells that are trapped in the connective tissue near the skin, and these tissues become deformed as a result of the entrapment.

It was believed that only overweight people have cellulites. This is also untrue because you can still have them if you are thin. Thin people still acquire fatty tissue under the surface of their skin. Overweight people may have more fat deposits, but cellulite affects all shapes and sizes.

A more humorous myth about cellulite is that you should always cover it up and not allow the world to view it. The fact is that everyone must be comfortable with their own bodies. Surveys have shown that people actually do not notice the cellulite of others more than they notice their own. Wearing clothing in the hottest of temperatures because you don't want anyone to view the cellulite on your body is something that we all must look at as vanity.

It was also believed that you could only get cellulite on your thighs and buttocks. Again, this is untrue. The thighs and buttocks are the most common location of cellulite, but you can also get it on your arms and stomach as well.

On the educational side, it was also thought that you could rid yourself of cellulite through exercise. This also is untrue. Exercise will help you prevent cellulite, but it can't take cellulite away. It can make your skin appear smoother as the fat is burned and the muscle tone but because it is fatty tissue trapped under surface of the connective tissue in the skin, there is no way to have it completely removed.

The myths and facts about cellulites can be quite entertaining, but also very educational. Learning about these myths and facts is really the only way to prevent, or treat a genetic form of fatty tissue.

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