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You Can Thank Your Parents For Your Oily Skin


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Oily skin forces the face to look shiny and unpleasant and guess what- part of it is heredity! While this does not mean you need to go out and fight with your parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, it does mean that you can not believe that you are fully to blame for oily looking skin! Chronic cases of oily skin can often break out into blackheads, red pores and blemishes throughout the skins texture and the oily condition leads to a greasy looking appearance. The good news is though you can do something about it! While much of oily skin is caused by the hereditary chain there is still quite a bit up to you in terms of how you treat and react to your skin condition!

First, while hereditary issues are the most common cause of oily skin, let us look at a few other considerations that oily skin could be caused from:

Hot weather that is often humid and sunny
Layered make-ups or cosmetics or certain chemical based cosmetics
Certain birth control pills
Hormone levels throughout a yearly basis (usually causes oily skin to occur on a periodic basis)
Pregnancy and/ or diet

All right, enough about how you got your oily skin, we do not need to dwell on the past- let us look at how to get rid of it quickly and efficiently!

Those with oily skin need to remember that they are more prone to bacterial skin damage then those with regular skin. This means that the chances of you getting blackheads, pimples or blemishes is greatly enhanced if you do not take the necessary steps of washing and cleansing. Wash with hot water and anti-bacterial soap for the best results and make sure you do not get dehydrating skin care products. Those products that dehydrate the skin actually force your skin to get smaller, which in turn makes the pores smaller leading to a greater chance of blackheads (less oxygen!).

When you are washing your face make sure to use oil based skin care products. While it seems like something you would want to avoid it is best to use oil in order to battle the oil that is already on your face. Oil based skin care products will help eliminate the oil that has already built up on your face. When it comes to moisturizing after washing you will want to look for an oil free cream because otherwise you will end up with that shiny complexion you just worked so hard to get rid of!

Look for specialized products when you are shopping for daily necessities. Many women bring oily skin upon themselves just by the daily shopping that they go through. They will go to the supermarket and pick up moisturizers and facial washes that are filled with oil based ingredients- making it nearly impossible to get rid of that shiny appearance! Instead of reaching for the same old, same old look for specialized oil treated products that are designed to eliminate oily skin!

Have patience (and a lot of soap!). Getting rid of and treating acne if you have a pretty severe case could be an uphill battle for many people out there and if you have an especially difficult case you will want to remember to have patience throughout it all! It could take daily washings of up to four times per day in order to fully get the look you want so have patience in your quest!

Remember, choose your cleanser carefully, use hot water when you are washing and look for cosmetic creams and facial products made with the purpose of helping people like you!


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