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Are the Little Bumps on My Lip Cold Sores?

Joqtan Anicama

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Have you noticed recent bumps or blisters on your lips or at the sides of your mouth? You could have cold sores.

Cold sores occur due to a virus called herpes simplex virus. There are many types of herpes simplex but the most common are simplex 1 and 2. This virus causes cold sores when certain things cause it to “awaken" and produce the bumps on your lips.

Cold sores frequently occur when you are under stress or tension, this triggers the herpes simplex virus to awaken. So a simple solution would be to reduce the stress in your life either through relaxation techniques, meditation, hypnosis or anything that helps you relax.

But stress isn't the only cause of cold sores. Extreme temperatures, either warm or cold, can also cause cold sores. If you spend to much time out in the sun or on the other hand strong winds and cold weather can make you get an outbreak of cold sores as well.

In these cases it is important that you always apply medicated lip balm or lip balm that has SPF.

Cold sores are also known as fever blisters because illnesses can also cause them to appear.

At first cold sores will appear as small bumps on your lip, but in later stages in can turn into larger blisters and in worst cases the blisters can break, leaving a painful open wound. In any stage of cold sores, be sure to avoid kissing and sharing cups, toothbrushes etc, because cold sores are contagious.

Learn how to Stop Cold Sores


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Cold Sore Symptoms Amazing Facts About Your Cold Sores
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