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How Working Moms Reduce Cellulite Naturally and Effectively

Vedis Teh

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Any woman can have cellulite. Yes, even super skinny models and sexy movie stars who don't have an ounce of extra weight on them are not immune to embarrassing ripples and dimples on their bodies.

Studies have shown that cellulite affects both overweight and underweight women. To check if you have cellulite, simply pinch the skin around your buttocks or upper thighs. If you see lumps or an uneven surface, you probably have some cellulite.

Reducing cellulite is a personal decision. Leave it if you can go on with your life without being bothered by it. But if the unsightly cellulite spots get worse and start affecting your confidence and self-esteem, you owe it to yourself to reduce your cellulite condition.

It is important for you to know that you cannot totally remove cellulite despite the hype and marketing of various anti-cellulite treatment options. There are simply no permanent cures, creams, serums, medicines, treatments, or even miracles to get rid of cellulite.

But you can reduce cellulite naturally and inexpensively.

1. Increase Your Intake of Water. Water helps flush the toxins that build up in the skin tissues, expanding the fat cells causing cellulite. It is recommended that you should drink 7-8 glasses a day.

2. Make Small Changes to Your Eating Habits. Remove as much saturated fat as possible from your diet. This means no more take away foods or deep fried foods. Simple change like eating more fresh fruits and vegetables can have surprising results to say the least.

3. Try Detoxification Diets. Detox diets are planned to cleanse your body of toxins and speed up and enhance the metabolism, speeding up your digestion system. Most require you to eat only fresh natural food eliminating anything processed or refined.

4. Add Exercise into Your Life. To reduce body cellulite is to reduce fat in your body. Exercise can help you increase blood circulation, burn your fat and also remove toxins.

Make sure that you focus your exercise on the problem areas! For instance, if you have cellulite on your legs, you must make it a priority to jog, go hiking, walk the dog and do lots of lunges.

5. Have Massage Therapy. Massaging increases the supply of blood to the affected parts of your skin and break down the cellulite fats. Once the fat-tissues and harmful toxic substances start getting dissolved, they are drained into the lymphatic system of the body.

One massage technique is called endermology. This uses a system of rollers and a vacuum device to manipulate the skin, effective in smoothing the appearance of cellulite and the promotion of blood circulation.

There are no easy cellulite treatments in making cellulite disappear. It takes focus and true dedication to see satisfying results.

Vedis Teh - A Work At Home Mom Trying To Reduce Cellulite Loves Sharing Her Cellulite Problem And Cellulite Treatments With Other Busy Working Moms.


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