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How to Make Sure Psoriasis Does Not Control Your Life


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Many people across the nations struggle with a condition called psoriasis. Psoriasis is an immune disease that takes over the skin and the joints causing scaly conditions. These unsightly scaly patches can appear almost anywhere, although the majority can be found on the larger portions of open skin (abdominals, back, thighs).

While psoriasis is not contagious it can still be a very severe problem for those who have it at the most destructive stage. About 10% of the people with psoriasis have it very severely while the other 90% have mild to moderate cases of the disease.

The worst part is that there is no known cause of psoriasis so it could continue to go on without a cure or a protection. It could have something to do with genetics (in which case you could do nothing to prevent it) or it could have something to do with lifestyle (which you could then change). Whatever psoriasis is caused by it is known to lower the quality of life of the person living with it because they have to deal with the large, unsightly skin patches. Individuals who have psoriasis have been known to struggle with low self esteem and/ or depression.

Do not let psoriasis take control of your life- fight back! Here are a few ways you can stop the control it has over you!

Work out. Many people who obtain psoriasis end up with what is known as psoriasis arthritis. This condition is in direct connection with psoriasis and can be just as painful and hindering as regular arthritis so you should aim to avoid it. Exercising, or working out, will keep you limbered up and keep your hands and knees active, lessening your chances of psoriasis arthritis.

Get regular health checks. Psoriasis has been known to increase the chances a person has of getting certain other diseases. Some of these diseases include hypertension, heart failure, diabetes and insomnia. By getting a regular check up you can lessen the chances of something else becoming connected with the psoriasis you are already dealing with.

Talk to a counselor. Counselors are professionally trained to deal with emotional distress, even if it spills over into your physical conditions. Since psoriasis often becomes a mental and physical problem a counselor will have a lot to offer you in terms of getting over the way you feel about your self.

Outside of these helpful hints for keeping psoriasis at a distance, if you have the disease you can try one of the treatment options that are available. Here are the three most popular:

Topical treatment: Topical treatment means using certain bath soaps, moisturizers and organic skin care lotions to alleviate the pressures of psoriasis. Topical treatment seems to be the most effective for people with mild cases of psoriasis, not severe. The only thing with topical treatment is that you will have to be careful about which products you use because some can irritate your skin not soothe it!

Phototherapy: Phototherapy has been known to clear up some mild to moderate forms of psoriasis through its usage of the sun. Sunlight is used in short bursts to expose the most effected areas. The wavelengths of sun are supposed to peel off some of the unsightly marks of psoriasis.

Systemic treatment: Systemic treatment is for more serious to severe cases of psoriasis. It is where the blood is used to facilitate the skins reactions. Systemic treatments often consist of pill or injection medications.

Whatever your case of psoriasis currently is know that it is treatable with a range of natural skin care products. While we may not know what caused it, it can be treated and your skin can become beautiful again with the right product usage!


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