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My Every Day Ways to Attain Healthy Skin


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The essential keys to healthy skin are not found in a bottle or jar of expensive skin care product. They are found in the every day habits and diet of every woman attempting to improve her appearance. Nutrition especially is a very important detail that many women might overlook when attempting to improve the appearance of their skin.

How to Attain Healthy Skin?

The proper consumption of water is an essential first step in improving skin health. It ensures the body is receiving enough oxygen and stays properly hydrated, flushing out the bad and constantly supplying nutrients needed for healthy skin.

Another natural method of maintaining healthy skin is to avoid over exposure to the sun. By using sun screen on a daily basis and staying out of direct sunlight for more than a couple hours at a time, women can avoid unsightly sun spots and dry skin that result from too much UVA or UVB rays.

Sleep is a great method of rejuvenating and enhancing healthy skin. By getting at least 6 hours of sleep every night, women are giving their skin the time it needs to rejuvenate and repair from the stress of every day life. Without that rest, the effects of stress and sleep deprivation will make their first mark on the surface of otherwise healthy skin in the form of bags, puffy eyes, dry skin and blemishes.

Nutrients are another essential aspect of retaining healthy skin. Without the right balance of nutrients on a daily basis, skin will begin to show signs of its age and wear. Vitamins such as B1 which enhance circulation and B2 without which skin will start discolor, are vital to keeping healthy skin as shiny and supple as possible.

Healthy skin that is washed on a regular basis will remain blemish free as well. Depending on the level of oil production for any given individual, how skin is washed will change. A daily regiment of non-soap cleansers and toners will keep oil and dirt free of the pores and blemishes from ruining otherwise perfectly healthy skin.

Five Tips for Healthy Skin

Additionally, these simple tasks can help to reduce the wear and tear on your skin that leads to common skin problems and unsightly blemishes.

1. Keep hair out of the face to reduce the chance of excess oiliness and blemishes.

2. Oily hair care products only increase the risk of facial blemishes.

3. Nutrition and a proper diet ensure hydration, oxidation, and nutrients for healthy skin.

4. Fish consumption or fish oil supplements help supplement healthy skin.

5. Use warm water and a non-soap cleanser to wash your skin, keeping it clear and unobstructed.

Along with the common aspects of a healthy lifestyle, these tips will ensure that your healthy skin remains that way for years to com.

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Maya McMahon, Skin Care Specialist

Maya McMahon is a self-taught expert on skin care topics. Maya's expertise ranges from acne prevention and care to anti-aging and organic skin care treatments. She has accumulated vast experience and knowledge through self learning, experiencing and testing for the last 25 years.

Maya has now decided to freely share her skin care secrets, tips, tricks and recommended products with all women and men via her Best Skin Care Product web log.


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National Healthy Skin Month Focuses on Skin Care
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