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Clogged Nose Pores? Stop Using Skincare Products on Your Face With Mineral Oil!


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Any visible pores can make skin look older and less clean. Clogged pores on the nose are especially noticeable. There are a number of ways that clogged nose pores get started. One way to clog them is by using products that were actually intended to improve the skin but contain the wrong ingredients to do so.

Clogged nose pores can result from moisturizers, makeup and skin cleansers that use pore-clogging ingredients. One typical ingredient in many skin products is mineral oil. This oil is a superficial moisturizer that doesn't penetrate through much of the skin. It tends to accumulate on the surface.

Unfortunately, a buildup of this surface oil can lead to oil becoming trapped in the pores. This leads to clogged pores on nose skin and elsewhere on the face. Mineral oil can also aggravate the skin in other ways because of what it's made from and what other substances may come with it.

What is Mineral Oil?

Mineral oil is a byproduct created from petroleum. It is too thick for use on the skin, resulting in cutting off the skin from the air circulation it needs. Clogged nose pores as well as clogs elsewhere on the face result from the skin not being able to breathe and release the toxins that build up in the skin.

This oil is sometimes contaminated with even worse chemicals. Mineral oil is cheap and is not as pure as a higher-quality ingredient. There are carcinogenic chemicals called PAHs that sometimes contaminate supplies of mineral oil. Those chemicals then make it into the makeup and skin products that are made from mineral oil.

Clogged pores on the nose are often made worse when products containing mineral oil are used on top of them. Most foundations use this chemical, as do a number of powders. To stay away from mineral oil and clogged nose pores, be sure to read the ingredients of anything that will be used on your face.

Products that use mineral oil often have it listed as one of the very first ingredients because the product uses more of it than the active ingredients. Clogged pores on the nose are then caused by the onslaught of so much mineral oil in these products.

To avoid clogged pores on nose skin, look for products that don't use mineral oil. Clogged nose pores result from a number of contaminants that make their way into the pores. Among them is the mineral oil often found in skin products. Reading the ingredients of any skin care product can keep you from using pore-clogging mineral oil.

Maricha Jordan is an avid proponent of natural skincare health and a dedicated researcher of skincare products. If you have clogged nose pores or wish to prevent them from forming, visit now to learn about the skin care line she personally recommends.


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