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Cracks at Corner of Mouth What Are They?


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Having a cut, lesion or sore in any place that is constantly moving makes it hard to heal, painful and aggravated. Cracks at corner of mouth are some of the worst because they are not only painful and frustrating but look ugly and make it hard to eat, smile, frown or any facial movement that involved the lips and mouth.

So what are cracks at the mouth corners and what are they caused? The technical term for this condition is called Angular Cheilitis, where angular refers to any area at a corner and cheilitis is a medical term for inflammation of the lips or oral areas. This is made worse sometimes because these cracks can become infected by a fungus Candida albicans also known as Thrush. This combined with the constant movement and the constant wetness of the mouth make this condition very hard to shake once it gets a foothold.

To avoid succumbing to this condition having good nutrition and oral hygiene is the key. Deficiencies in certain vitamins such as riboflavin, vitamin B12, and iron have been the primary causes of Angular Cheilitis and a change in diet may be needed for those at risk.

Wholegrain cereals, meat, poultry and fish are good sources of dietary iron and vegetarians do need to be vigilant of their iron intakes that can be lower that meat eaters. Foods rich in riboflavin include beef liver, milk, low-fat yogurt, cheese, enriched-grain foods, whole-grain foods, eggs, and green leafy vegetables. Vitamin B12 is also another found in many meats leading us to a conclusion that vegetarians that suffer from this condition may need to take supplements for vitamin intake.

This can help you prevent the condition but to remove cracks at corner of mouth once you have the problem is a different story!

To discover how to heal Angular Cheilitis and prevent it from ever coming back to plague you again click below.


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