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Medicinal Herbs For Skin Hot Tips You Need to Know Before Buying Herbal Skin Care Products

Sabrina Fox

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If you're like many people searching for the right medicinal herbs for skin in your herbal skin care products, you may feel a little frustrated. There are many claims being made by various brand name manufacturers all saying they have the best herbal skin care products. So who do you believe? I'm going to give you a few hot tips in your search for medicinal herbs for skin so you can make an informed decision for yourself.

Let's start with organics. Some brand name producers say they have the best in herbal skin care products, yet their products are not even organic. If you're not using organic plant based herbs you are subjecting yourself to potentially harmful pesticides. Realize that anything you put on your skin is absorbed and enters your blood stream.

Read the ingredients on the label. Make sure the medicinal herbs for skin are in concentrations of at least 50%. Otherwise, they will be in such low dosages that they will not do you any good. It is very important to note that some producers use a trace amount of medicinal herbs and a large amount of chemicals that could make some conditions worse. This is a case where cheap herbal skin care products end up costing you more in the long term.

Quite a few of the products you see advertised on TV and in magazines contain these filler chemicals because they're cheap to produce and add to their bottom line. Natural plant based medicinal herbs for skin cost more initially but saves you money over time because you use less product.

Many of the best producers don't advertise on TV and you won't find them in glossy magazines. They are located in places you wouldn't suspect. One country that has very high standards in herbal skin care products is New Zealand.

One company in New Zealand that makes herbal skin care products has come up with a way to stimulate the production and re-growth of collagen and elastin naturally.

They use an extract from the wool of a certain type of sheep indigenous to New Zealand. Compare this to companies who use collagen as a main active ingredient. Collagen will not absorb into your skin, and is a very allergenic ingredient. So using it as a salve that you rub on your skin is a waste of money and you will not get the results you want despite the claims made.

The same New Zealand company has also developed one of the first versions of CoEnzymeQ10 (CoQ10) which is a natural ingredient that can penetrate down through 7 layers of skin to kill harmful free radicals. Companies such as this New Zealand company put their money into the research and development of making products that get results for their customers.

In conclusion, the best medicinal herbs for skin and herbal skin care products come from countries such as New Zealand. You have to do a little research to find them but why would you want to settle for anything less than the best when it comes to looking and feeling great? Don't buy cheap herbal skin care products that only use trace amounts of non organic medicinal herbs for skin.

Beauty expert Sabrina Fox has done extensive research into medicinal herbs for skin and herbal skin care products See which New Zealand company is the only one she recommends for best results. Please visit:


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A Guide to Medicinal Herbs For Skin
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