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The Most Effective Dry Skin Care Products Contain Natural Ingredients

Rich Eng

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Millions of individuals are affected by dry itchy skin. To make matters worse no one exactly knows the real cause of the condition or what is the best treatment for this skin ailment. While this is not a serious medical problem, it sure can be very uncomfortable. That's why you need to find the best dry skin care products you can find.

Dry skin is quite obvious and besides causing an itch, it also looks unattractive. In the majority of cases, the it is caused by environmental factors such as exposure to extremes of hot or cold weather, low humidity, prolonged use of air conditioners, excessive bathing or showering. Further, the frequent use of harsh soaps and detergents is also a common cause of dry itchy skin. There are many soaps which can easily remove the natural oils from your skin and lead to dryness. This is a common problem with many hair shampoos.

There are some individuals who develop dry skin because they may have a medical disorder like psoriasis, hypothyroidism (under functioning of the thyroid gland) or after the excessive use of drugs like anti-histamines and Accutane.

If the dry skin condition persists, one may develop a rough skin texture, redness, cracks, peeling and a sensation of a hot skin.

Dry itchy skin generally is more common in females than males. This is because the naturals oils in the female start to decrease after menopause. Further, dry skin is also more common as we age. The one modifiable factor which can cause dry skin is excessive sun exposure. The rays of the sun penetrate the skin; damage the deeper layers and organs which secrete oil. The result is a skin which appears wrinkled, dry and is sagging.

Dry skin care products are widely available but before one goes out and buys expensive products, one should try and alter the home environment. Self care measures that should be tried include frequent use of moisturizers, avoiding prolonged exposure to sun, lessening the frequent showering/bathing and less use of harsh soaps.

There are hundreds of over the counter products for the treatment of dry itchy skin. Rather than buy a product which has a strong fragrance, one should get a cream that contains Coenzyme Q10, keratin or urea. These ingredients act as excellent moisturizers and work well on all skin types. Coenzyme Q10 containing creams have been shown to work well in protecting the skin against dryness and even reduce the wrinkles. In addition, Coenzyme Q10 also has the ability to protect from the harmful rays of the sun. When applied regularly, Coenzyme Q10 can make the skin look younger, fresher and smoother.

If the skin condition continues to worsen and home remedies do not help, one should go and see a physician. There are some dry skin care creams which contain hydrocortisone. Application of low dose hydrocortisone with a cream containing Coenzyme Q10 will not only diminish the itch but reduce the dryness in no time.

Rich Eng serves as the leader of a high growth healthcare services business for a Fortune 500 company. A 20 year industry veteran and “holistic health and fitness" coach, he constantly researches better ways to improve one's mind, body and spirit.

Visit his site at to learn more about the natural skin care products he personally uses and why he chose these products after extensive research.


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